Charging Station Ideas To Get Rid Of Tech Clutter

Let’s talk about some charging station ideas – specifically for mobile devices.

Because clutter can obviously make any space look disorganized.

And who wants that?

When it comes to electronic devices and the necessary charging cords, if you’re not on top of it, your designated home office space can look like a complete mess.

leather tech charging station on nightstand

Three Charging Station ideas to help get rid of tech and cord clutter.

Which is probably why I tend to get a few requests from time to time, for a good idea on how to deal with the clutter which comes with a bunch of mobile devices.

Having a dedicated charging station is a great way to organize your electronics and cell phones and keep power cords neat, tidy, and out of sight. 

There’s so many great solutions to this problem in the marketplace right now.

ou don’t need to resort to a clunky power strip to deal with all of these usb cables and different devices.

Since all these would make for great gifts, I thought we’d take a look at some of the best ones here today.

chic minimal phone charging station on small table
Courant Charging Pad – top pick

1. Wireless Charging Pad

My top pick is this great looking wireless charger by a company called Courant, above.

It allows you to charge more than one device at a time and looks so chic and streamlined.

Your apple watch and your phone can easily charge together on this device.

I especially love this one in the camel color way.

It’s perfect for a bedside table.

leather charging station

2. Charging Dock

If you’re looking for something to handle a bit more of the cable chaos that comes with all of your family’s devices, another great option is this pretty leather charging station / charging dock by Bunny Williams.

It holds a number of compatible devices, has great reviews and looks right at home on a desk, night stand or even in your living room.

This solution works well for both apple devices and android devices.

It includes a power strip and a surge protector as well.

USB outlets

3. Add A USB Port

Next up is a great idea which I got from a professional organizer.

You can cut down on cable clutter just by adding a few USB ports to your home in lieu of a standard traditional power outlet.

I just ordered these for our own home

We plan on installing these clever usb outlets in our mudroom.

Looking forward to putting these to good use.

I’m sure newer homes will just come with these usb devices built right into the home in order to handle our reliance on new technology going further.

multi device charging station

4. The Intoval 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station 

A small and mighty charging station that’s designed to charge your devices quickly while keeping your space free from tangled cables.

This charging station can support up to 10W fast wireless charging, which means you can simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

It’s is a high-quality, budget-friendly option that perfectly fits any workspace or nightstand.


mobile device tech charging station

5. Kanex 4-port charging station for iPads and iPhones 

This charging station is perfect for families who own multiple tablets and phones.

There’s a display rack and a USB port compatible with iPads, Android tablets, e-readers, and smartphones.

It can charge up to 4 devices at a time, and the compact design helps keep your electronics and charging cable clutter-free on any space. 

6. SooPii Quick Charge USB Charging Station

A 6-port USB charging station, with the wireless apple watch charging disc, which can fit several devices all in one sitting.

The SooPii charging station comes with multiple charging cables.

It can be used with most Apple products, Samsung tablets and phones, Amazon Kindles, and other e-readers.

This is another great option for families who own multiple devices or any techy who wants to keep their favorite electronics in one area.

7. Mophie 4-in-1 Universal Wireless Charging Mat

This multi use charging mat is compatible with most Samsung and Apple wireless devices, including phones, Bluetooth earphones, and watches.

The charging mat can work with any Qi wireless device and features a USB port at the back of the mat for devices that still require a cable to charge.

It’s a stylish design which can make any space look put together. 

mophie charger

8. NEXT 4-in-1 10W Wireless Charging Pad

A minimal and sleek design charging station- perfect for Apple users.

This comes with a sturdy base, a standing apple watch charging disk, a built-in lightning apple charging port, and a wireless pad that can fit any recent phone model.

tech charging device

9. OLBER 3-in-1 charging station 

Another budget-friendly charging dock for apple users needing multiple charging device stations.

Obler’s charging dock features retractable stands and charging ports for iPhones, air pods, and apple watches to help support a device while it’s charging and be tucked back neatly when not in use.

The charging dock also comes in three colors: black, pink, and white.


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