Clever Home Storage Solutions For Every Room In Your House

I came up with this post on clever home storage solutions over the weekend.

Because, like many of you – I’ve been on a cleaning and organizing tear these last few weeks.

Hope you find these ideas helpful!

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Clever Home Storage Solutions

No matter what size your home is, chances are that you struggle to find storage space for all of your possessions.

The trick is to find unique spaces in your home that can be utilized effectively for storage around your house.

The key part is not to infringe on the actual living space you need to be comfortable in.

Of course there are endless ways you can maximize the amount of space available in your home for storage, but today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks!

basket in bedroom for throw pillow and blanket storagetall wicker basket with handles

1. Identify where you have usable storage space.

Look around your home and see what kind of empty spaces you have available already to work with.

Maybe you have a corner that will hold a basket for odds and ends or a space under your bed where “under the bed” storage can go.

Once you’ve identified the type of storage solutions that will work for your space, you can set up an organizational system that works for you.

2. Assign a place for everything.

Making everything in your home easier to find should be a priority.

That only works if you have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

This is key for any clever home storage solutions plan.

clear lidded jewelry box as a clever home storage solutionbracelet holder  // Kendra Scott large jewelry box

3. Look for multi-purpose home storage solutions.

There are tons of clever home storage solutions which will add a feature to your home while offering more storage space.

There are ottomans and sofas that double as containers, shoe organizers that come with tabletops that can be used for small items, and tables that come with shelving.

The list goes on and on…

Depending on what kind of storage you need, you can find a product that could solve two issues at once for you.

pantry storage ideas and best bins to buywhite lidded bins //  acrylic turntables

4. Maximize your kitchen cabinet space.

You can use cabinet shelves to double the amount of kitchen storage that you have in each cabinet.

Also, consider over the door spice racks to easily build up the extra storage in your kitchen cabinets or pantry.

This means that you’ll have extra space in your pantry and your kitchen.

That’s always my goal!

Find all the products we used in our own pantry, along with some great pantry organization ideas here.

drawer dividers as a clever home storage solution for your jewelrydrawer organizer // lucite drawer hardware

5. A Favorite Clever Home Storage Solution: Drawer Organizers.

Drawer organizers maximize the space in your drawers and keep everything you need easily accessible.

You don’t need to limit these to just the kitchen drawers.

Drawer organizers can easily work in your bedroom bureau, your home office or your bathroom!

6. Use your wall space.

You can hang open shelving or hooks on the wall to store almost anything.

In the kitchen, it might work to hang your pots and pans on the wall, or even from the ceiling!

You can also use open shelving to store your dishes or other kitchenware.

In your bedroom, you could hang your jewelry or hats on the walls.

In your living area, you could create a beautiful bookcase completely out of floating shelves.

flatware drawer organizergold flatware  // flatware organizer

7. Make sure you’re storing items effectively.

When you’re organizing your belongings, make sure you’re arranging them so they take up the least amount of space.

For example, cutting boards can be stored vertically in a small area of a cabinet.

cutting board storage solutionattractive cutting board storage solution

8. Think vertical.

Minimize the storage that takes up your floor space by looking for options that can stack up or shelving options that go vertically.

This modern bookshelf tower is such a classic piece and a personal favorite of mine!

under sink sliding cabinet bathroom organizer  //  adhesive hooks

9. Don’t forget your bathroom.

Keep in mind that you can use the same storage tricks that you use in your kitchen for your bathroom cabinets as well!

You can use cabinet shelving to maximize your bathroom storage, drawer organizers for your products, and over the door storage for things like hairdryers and straighteners.

I happen to love this under the sink sliding shelf rack, above.

It’s such a genius storage and space saving product.

Also, adhesive hooks are my absolute favorite go to product.

Don’t miss this post for even more great bathroom organizational ideas.

10. Minimize clutter.

One great way to have more storage is to have less stuff!

Of course this sounds so obvious, but here’s what I mean…

If you routinely donate or toss items that you don’t use or that you no longer need, you’ll be able to store everything you really use neatly and efficiently.

Keeping a designated bag for donations in my closet has been a big help when it comes to managing my own stuff.

unique storage ideas for your makeup and beauty productscounter top clear acrylic makeup organizer

Clever Home Storage Solutions Conclusion

I hope you found a few great takeaways from these unique storage ideas to use in your own home.

The more you practice storing your belongings in an organized fashion, the easier it gets.


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