Framing Special Items and Keepsake Mementos

Framing special mementos and keepsake items is a topic close to my heart!

Cleaning out a coat closet over the weekend, I came across a box of old mismatched gloves and mittens.
This reminded me of a post I did back in 2013 about framing personal mementos.
I never got around to framing those mittens…
However, I thought I’d put together a new post showing all the items I did manage to have framed!
Especially since these have all now been professionally photographed.
I’ve listed the special mementos and items I’ve framed below.
  • Outgrown baby bathing suits (seen above)
  • vintage scarves (below)
  • the dress my grandmother made my mother (the very one she wore in her passport photo when she immigrated to America from occupied Germany) (below)
  • and my husband’s varsity high school letter.(below)
I also have all three of my kids birth announcements in special frames.
These are hanging in my bedroom.
I adore these, as they were a gift from a close friend.
I love the idea of framing all sorts of mementos…
  • wedding invitations
  • milestone birthday invites
  • cards
  • love letters
  • concert tickets
  • playbills
  • vintage records
  • children’s art (I have these framed all over our house)

I even just use plain old frames for photographs for smaller items.

On my desk I have two little pieces of art from when my kids were very little.

Included in this post are some great sources for frames and shadow boxes.
Easy ways to display your own special items.
Be sure scroll through to the bottom to find them.
What memorable items have you framed?

framing special mementos items scarves art
my son’s bedroom – post on wallpapered ceilings found here
my mom’s dress from Germany-along with paintings by my grandmother
Photo of my husband’s office
photos 3 and 4 by Nicole Cohen.
photos 1 and  2 by Lesley Unruh.


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  1. Piya wrote:

    I have some of my daughter’s clothes. I’d like to frame them for Christmas.

    Published on 11.22.23 · Reply
  2. Wanda Tingley wrote:

    I have some baby clothes of my sons and some pictures or birth announcements. I need them framed for Christmas

    Published on 10.21.23 · Reply
  3. Love the idea of framing kids old clothing. Looks amazing and brings back memories. We did imprints of feet with clay and wax hands.

    Published on 4.5.19 · Reply
  4. Barnali Guha wrote:

    I have framed children’s art, a canvas of all the Elvis Presley songs we love ( 45 x 60), my grandmother’s hand made lace doily.

    Published on 2.20.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I love these! Thanks:)

      Published on 2.20.19 · Reply
  5. Jaime wrote:

    Perfect timing! I was just thinking about framing our children’s birth announcements. Would you be willing to share a photo of yours? Curious if they’re framed individually or together.

    Thanks in advance.


    Published on 2.20.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      They’re framed separately, each was a gift (from the same friend) after each birth.

      Published on 2.20.19 · Reply
  6. Katie wrote:

    I love the idea of your children's birth announcements framed in your bedroom! Would love to see how they look! Any way you could share them (and somehow blur your person info)? Totally get it if it's not doable… 🙂

    Published on 1.24.17 · Reply