All In The Details: Wallpaper on the ceiling!

Wallpaper on the ceiling?
Are you a fan?
wallpaper on the ceiling of boys bedroom


Let’s talk about wallpaper on the ceiling!


This post first ran back in 2017 – but I’ve recently gone back and updated it!

A few of you mentioned how great the cane wallpaper from this post would look on a ceiling (great idea!) which in turn reminded me of this …

And, since wallpapered ceilings are a timeless interior design element, I brought back this fun home improvement idea today.




No need for a boring ceiling.

Everyone tends to focus on the walls and floor of a room, but the ceiling shouldn’t be over looked.
Paying some attention to the ceiling will elevate the look of any space – literally and figuratively
My favorite way to do this is with wallpaper.
I was going to round up a few inspiration images from Pinterest, but then realized I had enough examples from my own home to make this point clear.
As you can see, this is one of my favorite design “tricks” to employ.
From high impact designs (the Ralph Lauren constellation glow in the dark paper in my son’s room above) to a more neutral approach (like the grass cloth papers in our mudroom and guest bathroom below).
Papered ceilings can be the perfect finishing touch in almost any space – including closets.

If you’re not sure you’re going to love this idea, you can always get your feet wet with peel and stick papers as a start.

Etsy has an incredible selection!


wallpaper on the ceiling of guest bathroom
photo by Nicole Cohen


wallpaper on the ceiling in walk in closet
The light fixture in my closet is the Calypso flush mount by Crystorama.
blue quilted Brett design wallpaper sample


Here’s a close up of the Brett Design quilted paper on my closet ceiling (the photo doesn’t do it justice!)
Brett’s wallpaper designs are amazing.
My old home office also had some of Brett’s designs on the ceiling.

Wallpaper on the ceiling: conclusion


Weather you’re looking to zhush up your dining room or living room or give new life to a powder room, wallpapering your ceiling is a great option to have in your design arsenal.

You can go subtle with simple, solid, textured papers or go all out with bold designs and colors…the choice is yours.

Wallpaper lovers, don’t miss this post on wallpaper trends!
Finally, if wallpaper on the ceiling isn’t quite your cup of tea, I have a great round up of the best ceiling paint colors, right here!

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PS: Another great design detail and a personal favorite – wainscoting for your walls.
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