Furniture Protectors For Your Hardwood Floors

Let’s discuss the best hardwood floor furniture protectors

round kitchen table with cane kitchen dining chairs

Felt Furniture Pads and Protectors For Floors

This is a very popular question which I’m always answering in my emails and direct messages.

The reason it’s such a big question is because they’re are so many different options available, and everyone wants to know which are the best floor protectors.

Ideally, choosing the right furniture floor protectors will prevent scratches and prolong the life of your wooden floors.

Types of floor protectors for hardwood floors

Since there are endless options available, I’ve taken the time to find the very best furniture pads.

These will protect your hardwood floors from unwanted scuff marks and scratches.

black chairs with felt pads on hardwood floors with white round table.

Self-Adhesive Furniture Pads

Self-adhesive furniture pads come in a variety of different sizes and are in most instances the best way to protect your hard floors.

They’re also very easy to use, inexpensive and easy to find.

However, since there are SO many of these on the market, it’s not always clear which ones will protect your new floors.

Luckily for your, we’ve tried and tested dozens of these self-adhesive protectors in order to find the best hardwood floor protectors.

Scotch Felt Pads

Due to the ease of installation, effective protection they provide (due to the thick felt pads) and the best size for furniture feet – these Scotch Felt Pads came in as number one on our list.

We found that our chair glides easily over wood floors and hard surfaces.

Also important and worth noting is the tenacious adhesive lasts a really long time.

Plus the pack comes with several size options to make finding one to fit the bottom of the furniture legs easy.

PRO TIP: Make sure you let these felt pads set for 5 or more minutes before putting them back on your floors.

This is especially true for extra heavy furniture.

Overall, Scotch felt pads offer the best protection from floor damage, regardless of the kind of flooring you have.

X-Protector Felt Furniture Pads

Coming in second are these felt pads from Amazon

What’s nice about these felt chair leg protectors is they come in different colors so as to blend in with your home furniture. 

These also work well for heavy pieces of furniture.


Next up are these chair leg floor protectors which you slip over the legs of your furniture, kind of like little furniture socks.

We were sent a set of these to try out and honestly did not like them at all.

While they are incredible easy to use and I can see they would protect our hardwood flooring from potential damage, I really disliked the way they looked.

Even the clear ones were too noticeable for my liking.

Since the felt protective pads mentioned above offer the same protection and are not really noticeable, it made no sense to use them.


For larger pieces of furniture which do not have traditional legs to attach the Scotch pads to, it’s a good idea to use chair pads.

These larger square felt pads have adhesive backing and come in large sizes and you can always cut them down to the perfect size you need.

What’s nice is they’re not just for the bottom of your furniture. 

We’ve also used them on ceramic trays and vases in order to protect from a scratch mark on our hardwood table.

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