Looking For A Great White Paint? Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Paint Color Review

Got a few requests to talk about Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.

These came shortly after posting about the best cream paint colors to use in your home.

Swiss Coffee was one of these colors, and a few people asked if I could show more examples and discuss it further here.

dining room walls with Benjamin Moore Swiss coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

I actually really like putting these paint review posts together.

So, I’m more than happy to talk about Swiss Coffee here today and take a closer look at it with you here today.

Luckily, I found these photos of our dining room, before we wallpapered it.

The walls here are, you guessed it – Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee.

Why do people love Swiss Coffee so much?

Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide if this is the right choice for you and what you’re looking for:

It has virtually no yellow undertones in it, unlike many other white paints.

This color is the type of neutral which will literally work with everything and all styles.

It’s considered a very versatile color for a reason!

Swiss Coffee looks great with modern, transitional, traditional, cottage, farmhouse – you get the picture!

It’s not a cool, stark white – but rather a beige, warm white.

I think so many design professionals love it so much because of it’s warm undertones.

We also have this beautiful subtle color on our hallway’s white walls and it continues up the stairs to our finished attic.

Like most center hall colonial homes, the lighting is not great in this hallway so I tried to take two different angles to give you a better sense.

This is a gentle cream color which contrasts perfectly with our dark hardwood floors.

In many respects Swiss Coffee is the perfect white paint color.

The trim color here is painted in my favorite white, Benjamin Moore White Dove.

hardwood floors in an empty room with bare white alls and a window.

What is the LRV of Swiss Coffee?

LRV simply means Light Reflectance Value.

Swiss Coffee’s LRV is roughly 84.

This means it reflects more light in the space than it absorbs.

In other words, using Swiss Coffee in a room will make it appear lighter and brighter.

swiss coffee on walls of staircaseMore info about our Antelope stair runner.

Is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee A Good Wall Paint Color?

The short answer is YES, I think it’s a great choice.

Here’s why…

I think it’s such a beautiful soft white color which works in so many different style homes.

Ultimately you need to love it.

Before you begin painting your walls, I can’t recommend trying it out first as a sample in your home enough.

Maybe this seems so obvious, but even the surrounding light from one from one room to another can differ not to mention the time of day…

Live with a few samples for a few days before making your final decision.

Test it in natural light and in artificial light too!

I always recommend using these Samplize adhesive self stick paint samples.

These are by far the best way to test out a wall paint color in your home.

The Samplize non-damaging adhesive backing allows for viewing in multiple locations and in different lighting without marking up your walls!
Produced with genuine manufacturer paint.

These self stick samples are such a brilliant product and a great option when it comes to testing out different paint colors.

No messy paint cans and brushes to deal with!

If you’re at all curious, you can check them out and order them here.

I tend to use a lot of Benjamin Moore paint, but I have nothing against Farrow and Ball or Sherwin Williams paint, or any other well known paint brand.

These brands all offer similar cream color options and can be found over on Samplize as well!

self adhesive sample of swiss coffee by Benjamin MooreSamplize Sample of Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

What Color Goes Well With Benjamin Moore OC-45 Swiss Coffee?

Browns, tans and terra cotta earth tones look best with Swiss Coffee.

I also love how deep charcoal grays and dark navy blues look with this creamy white paint color.

Swiss Coffee is a great paint color choice for kitchen cabinets.

However, it might look too bright as an exterior white paint color choice, if your home is in direct, bright sunlight.

If you’re looking for more of a true white, check out my personal experience with Benjamin Moore White OC-151.

BTW, fun fact, OC stands for Original Color (this helps me to remember it!)

I hope you found this post helpful in your hunt for finding the right white paint and making the perfect choice for your home’s walls.

If you do end up using BM Swiss Coffee OC-45 in your home, let me know! I’d love to see it.

close up of Swiss Coffee on wall with painting and sconce

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

I’ve already answered a popular inquiry on which paint finish to choose in this post, just in case your wondering:)

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paint sample of Swiss Coffee to pin

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  1. Angela DIgregorio wrote:

    do you see any yellow undertones with swiss coffee. doing my kitchen cabinets and want to use this because it’s warm but I’m concerned about yellow.

    Published on 1.27.24 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      In certain lights it can have a bit of yellow in it – in natural light probably not. I would highly rec you try sampling it out first for this reason.

      Published on 1.28.24 · Reply


    Published on 1.22.24 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      yes, I think it would be perfect.

      Published on 1.23.24 · Reply
  3. Lizette wrote:

    Question, interested in painting my walls with Swiss coffee but wondering if I need to replace window trim, all trim and doors color?.. they Sherwin Williams pure white (not sure if they are contrasting color)

    Published on 8.30.23 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Off the top of my head I think this whole color combo works fine, but I’d get a sample of SC, and place it next to trim just to be sure you like it,

      Published on 9.1.23 · Reply
  4. Lee callas wrote:

    I have off white kitchen cabinets. How would Swiss Coffee go with them and white trim?

    Published on 8.21.23 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I think that would look great.

      Published on 8.21.23 · Reply
  5. Elisabeth Susanne Jellinek wrote:

    Hello and thank you for offering to help
    I am painting a bedroom with swiss coffee, but I wanted to paint one wall with a contrast color.
    The wall is small right next to the sliding glass door to the balcony.
    I tried the darker color in the swiss coffee palette (hazy skies) but still think it is not dark enough
    Any ideas?

    Published on 8.2.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Hi, I’m not sure why you want to use a contrast color on one wall?
      Why not paint the whole space the same color? It will look much more cohesive and open this way.

      Published on 8.4.21 · Reply
  6. Elisabeth Susanne Jellinek wrote:

    Hello and thank you for offering to help
    I am painting a bedroom with swiss coffee, but I wanted to paint one wall with a contrast color.
    The wall is small right next to the sliding glass door to the balcony.
    I tried the darker color in the swiss coffee palette (hazy skies) but still think it is not dark enough
    Any ideas? Thank you again

    Published on 8.2.21 · Reply
  7. Susan wrote:

    What creamy white wall color would look best in my living room with 2 yellow gold sofas and dark hardwood floors? Thanks for your advice!

    Published on 6.16.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I think you can’t go wrong with Swiss Coffee!

      Published on 6.16.21 · Reply
  8. DT wrote:

    What color is the trim and wainscoting in the dining room with the Swiss Coffee walls?

    Published on 5.3.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      It’s White Dove by Benjamin Moore, OC -17

      Published on 5.4.21 · Reply