One Room Challenge: Week Six Kitchen Reveal

one room challenge kitchen reveal

One Room Challenge Kitchen Reveal


Yay! We’ve reached the end of the one room challenge and on the one hand, not a minute too soon…we move in to the house at the end of the week!

On the other hand, I truthfully could’ve used several more weeks…

There’s no doubt that living in this space will absolutely impact how I actually style this kitchen.

Not to mention that our furniture isn’t even in the space yet. 

I hope you’ll all come back and check out the lived in version of this kitchen when it’s finally and fully done (along with the progress on all the other rooms in our new home).


**update as of February 10–> Here’s the finished kitchen now!**

I’m super excited to reveal our almost completed new kitchen! Let’s review the befores:

For a more in depth look at the whole process, including the inspiration, check it all out here: week one, week two, week three, week four and week five.


one room challenge kitchen reveal
one room challenge kitchen reveal

And now….the afters!!!

So in love!


one room challenge kitchen reveal
one room challenge kitchen reveal

Went over to the house on Saturday, with my styling assistant a.k.a my middle child. This is because I needed to pick her up from a sleep over the night before. Anyway we our best to style it up.

We’re not living here yet, so this is really just a “staged” attempt of what I’m hoping to really master once we’re in. 

We pulled a few blue and white objects from my own store and added it to some pieces I already owned (this large bowl, this vase, this box and a few vintage items).

I had every intention of shopping for some new pieces, but life, this move, Halloween and my oldest daughter’s birthday (today!) all took precedence.

However, I did manage to acquire one beautiful new piece, this ginger jar from The Pink Pagoda and it’s truly my new favorite thing (and I’m now addicted to her beautiful shop!)


The hidden built in spice racks on either side of the oven are one of my absolute favorite features in the room!

Obviously, once we move in, the room will look even more finished as we wait for the last few items to arrive.

I’ll be instagramming the progress here along with the rest of the new house, and I’ll continue to pin all the inspiration for this house here!

At some point I’m hoping to have the place professionally photographed as well…just couldn’t make it all happen today.

Anyway…I’m thrilled with the way this all turned out!

I love my new kitchen and can’t wait to get fully settled! I couldn’t have done this (and wouldn’t even have tried) without the amazing design help and direction of Muse Interiors~we call them team Laurens, as it was Lauren Muse and her unflappable assistant Lauren Weyant that kept things humming along!

One Room Challenge Kitchen Sources

paint: cabinets-Benjamin Moore’s “simply white”

walls-Farrow and Ball’s elephant’s breath

hardware: Rejuvenation

faucet: Barber Wilsons and Company

lights: Anne Morris New York (over island)

painted glass tile back splash: Greenwich Tile and Marble

marble: Statuario Altisimo


ginger jar: The Pink Pagoda | rose liquid soap: Anthropologie | large blue and white bowl:Bellacor| white pitcher: Target | blue and white box: Bellacor | blue and white vase: Macy’s | blue Creuset :zappos



1. stain the floors a dark brown

2. finish the chevron back splash

3. move lights from current home over to new home

4. the hardware**on back order until January!** (grits teeth, #glasshalffull)

5. sink faucet and instant hot water installed – yes and no…this is a temporary faucet until ours comes in, although I’m kinda liking this one…mine is supposed to have levers, thoughts?

    Also, hot water faucet is on it’s way….

6. two new refrigerators  and all appliances plugged in cleaned up and runnings

7. paint walls

8. actually move in with our furniture and belongings and accessories!


The moving trucks roll in tomorrow here in New York, we sleep in this house on Friday #OMG

OK, I’m both exhausted and maybe a little high on paint fumes, Halloween candy and pre-moving adrenaline…wish us luck!

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  1. It looks positively gorgeous, Sue. What a dream!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  2. Sue- It is absolutely stunning! My hat is off to you for taking on this challenge during such a crazy, busy time. The final product is perfect and I know you and your family will enjoy that beautiful, new space!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  3. Fantastic Sue- it is dreamy! All the finishes are perfection. Good luck with the move. I am so looking forward to seeing you decorate your home. It is a gorgeous space! xo Nancy

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  4. This is absolutely stunning!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  5. You did an amazing job Sue! I love that worked with what you had and changed the details to create an entirely new space. Just lovely.

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  6. Looks so great I bet you are so happy with it!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  7. you could call this my dream kitchen….it's just fantastic. that chandelier you picked in the breakfast nook is just perfect. Can't wait to see more of your gorgeous home!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  8. What a difference the island makes! Love how this came out. Those pendants are amazing too.

    xo Jessica

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  9. It looks so pretty! I love the choices you made.

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  10. What a beautiful kitchen transformation! Amazing work!!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  11. Gorgeous job! Really very lovely. Congrats

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  12. It is so beautiful, you completely deserve to have a kitchen that wonderful! Congrats on your success and new home! XO

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  13. It is so beautiful! I love your kitchen! Your changes make a huge difference. I love all the white and the gold hardware. The pendants are spectacular and look stunning on that island. And I of course love all that blue and white! Congrats Sue! I love it and can't wait to come see it in person 😉 xx Congrats!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  14. Katy Byrne wrote:

    It's lovely, Sue! Beautiful job!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  15. Kathysue wrote:

    OMG Sue!! It is so beautiful and the light you are going to have in your home with all those windows and doors! LOVE the kitchen it turned out beautifully. I can only imagine it feels like a dream come true!!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  16. Sue, it turned out so lovely. And I love that you took a great, but not quite you, kitchen and made it your own. Love! Good luck with getting through the move!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  17. I Dream Of wrote:

    Sue, it looks great – I love all the materials you chose. The white, the marble – that's my kind of kitchen. And of course all the blue and white accents. I'm sure it will only get lovelier as you get in there, live in it and make it yours! Congratulations and best wishes on your move – hope everything goes swimmingly! XOXO

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  18. Jessie wrote:

    The kitchen looks fabulous! Well done, love everything about your beautiful kitchen!


    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  19. Leslie wrote:

    Beautiful Sue! You must be exhausted….. it's worth it though;) love those hanging pendants over the island and blue and white accents are always my favorite.

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  20. jana bek wrote:

    It looks so beautiful Sue! Such a bright & happy space! Cannot wait to see your additional zhushing – I know it will be fab! Happy Birthday to your daughter & good luck with your move! xx jana

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  21. Wow, it looks amazing!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  22. I LOVE it!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  23. Wow – the change in the floors makes such a huge impact on the overall space! The darker hue really compliments the cabinetry and marble…I wish this kitchen was mine! So good…congrats on an amazing job well done!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  24. Looks gorgeous! I loved watching this room progress!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  25. Great job, Sue!!!! I always knew you did well under pressure and the reveal just proves it. Good luck with the actual move this week. You're almost there!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  26. You have my dream kitchen!! Seriously, those white cabinets with the white marble to die for! I love how the hidden spice rack, which is in a convenient location for someone that cooks a lot. I love the wall color and the floors, so tastefully done with the new light fixtures! Hats off to you girl for doing not one but two spaces and moving in 6 weeks?! It's been a pleasure finding you through ORC and participating with such talent! Can't wait to see it lived in and enjoyed!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  27. Elana wrote:

    Wow! I can not believe you accomplished all this in 6 weeks. It looks INCREDIBLE! Congratulations!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  28. Love the white kitchen with brass accents! Well done Sue. I'll be waiting patiently to see the rest of your big reveal 🙂

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  29. Beautiful! I'd be afraid to cook in it and get it dirty! Great work!

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  30. Beautiful. May I ask again the Benjamin Moore color you used. You mentioned White. But which one ?? Thanks

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  31. So delish! The white marble, the polished handles, everything looks and feels like a dream! *Almost* makes me want to start cooking! …or at least learn how to, lol. Congrats again on the major makeover!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    Published on 11.5.14 · Reply
  32. Well I have been waiting all day to check out these reveals….and your kitchen is perfect. So much lighter and it looks bigger even though I know it isn't! I am sure when you move in and get all of your beautiful things out it will be even prettier:)

    Published on 11.6.14 · Reply
  33. Such a pretty kitchen! So happy for you I would love to eat there everyday!! the marble and white cabinetry is spectacular and styling amazing!! xo

    Published on 11.6.14 · Reply
  34. pve design wrote:

    Seriously woman, you will be so bored after all your "to do" lists are done. Is it ever done? Good luck with moving and getting settled.

    Published on 11.6.14 · Reply
  35. Sue you have accomplished so much in such a short time I am amazed and in awe! Gorgeous as well!

    The Arts from Karena

    Published on 11.6.14 · Reply
  36. Beautiful! Great job and best wishes for much happiness in your new home!

    Published on 11.6.14 · Reply
  37. I can't even imagine doing this while you are moving. It is the perfect kitchen. I would love to have a huge space like this. I will definitely be looking for updates on the gram. Great job, and you were so brave to do this.

    Published on 11.7.14 · Reply
  38. This is my dream kitchen! I absolutely love it. I hope the move went smoothly! I'll be looking forward to seeing how it looks when you're all moved in and settled. Your home is amazing!

    Published on 11.8.14 · Reply
  39. I love those oversized pendants. The space is so much brighter and updated now. Good luck getting settled in.

    Published on 11.8.14 · Reply
  40. So pretty! I have major kitchen envy! Such a lovely difference from what you began with, it is so open and airy. Very inspirational!

    Published on 11.8.14 · Reply
  41. Sue, this is absolutely gorgeous!

    Published on 11.9.14 · Reply
  42. Tobe | BIA wrote:

    This is ridiculously enviable, Sue. I don't think I would ever leave that kitchen! (Except I have no doubt that the rest of your home will be equally elegant and stunning.) Love all of the brass (of course) against the white. That will never get old. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Well done. ox

    Published on 11.14.14 · Reply
  43. Vel Criste wrote:

    What an elegant and beautiful kitchen!!!! great job!

    Published on 11.17.14 · Reply