Our High Gloss Blue Butler’s Pantry: Before and After


our high gloss blue bar / butler’s pantry


This post was originally from five years ago!

Since I still tend to get several questions about this space, I thought I’d dust it off and run it again today – along with several updates.

For starters, I want to be clear about the coral on the shelves which, as I’ve now learned could be pretty controversial.

To be clear, these are not actual real corals.

They’re all porcelain or plaster reproductions of coral! See these examples here.

Hopefully, many of you already assumed this.

However, I do end up having to explain this over and over, so I figured why not just put it out here.

To be honest, I thought these faux corals were pretty basic home decor items. Guess not?

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, on to the pantry itself!



high gloss blue bar

Our beautiful high gloss blue bar / butler’s pantry brings me so much joy!

Back when we first came to look at this house, I took one look at this dark stained space and immediately painted it high gloss blue in my mind. 

The team at Muse Interiors helped make my vision a reality.

Through trial and error and several paint swatches…

I chose a custom blend of Fine Paints of Europe high gloss navy blue mixed with about 25% white

We changed up the original hardware as well and went with these very handsome exposed hinges, bin pulls and handles from Rejuvenation Hardware

And that’s it!


The Few Changes We Made Here


The original granite black counter tops and stainless steel sink work perfectly in the space. 

I would’ve picked the same faucet (love it) so this stayed too!

Once I unpacked and styled up all our “stuff” (which took me several days) I was beyond happy with the end result.

Due to the dark high gloss paint and all the bright reflective surfaces here, it’s a little hard for me to photograph this space.

However, thankfully Nicole Cohen was up for the challenge and captured this spot perfectly. 

The last two photos show the original stained dark wood. 

These before photos really help to illustrate the dramatic change that paint alone can bring to a space.


high gloss blue bar
If you love this classic blue color as much as I do, be sure to check out these other beautiful blue spaces in our home.
For the ceiling in this space, we went with a much lighter blue version and stuck with the high gloss finish. It came out great!
Below is a photo I took recently.
Five years later, the pantry is still styled almost the same, just more “lived in.” 🙂
Our High Gloss Blue bar/Butler's Pantry: Before and After
This post has even more ideas if you’re looking for more ideas on how to paint your ceilings.
As you can see from the photo above, we also did the trim work here in the same high gloss.
butler's pantry before photo
butler's pantry before photo
^^before photos^^


Hopefully, I’ve answered all your questions with this updated post on our high gloss blue bar.
If not, you can always leave a comment, I check them everyday.
Or, you can email too, if that’s more your style.

You can see more of our home here.


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  1. Janet Siegel wrote:

    Hi! This is absolutely gorgeous! Can you tell me which Navy you used and which exactl finish – thank you for sharing these photos and information about your gorgeou home!

    Published on 9.4.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks, it was a custom blend of different blues from Fine Paints Of Europe. Hope this helps.

      Published on 9.7.21 · Reply
  2. Lucia Donahower wrote:

    Hi Sue
    Your Butler’s Pantry is beautiful. Love the high gloss paint. You’re right it’s amazing what paint can do to a space!
    Looking through your photos I have fallen in love with your home!
    I was wondering if it’s possible to obtain your Design Cheat Sheet?
    Thank you for being so generous in sharing your design ideas and sources.
    Many thanks,

    Published on 3.25.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks so much!
      Just sent it to you!

      Published on 3.26.20 · Reply
  3. Meredith Landis wrote:

    It is the most beautiful Butler’s Pantry!! The color is amazing

    Published on 6.12.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks Meredith! XX

      Published on 6.12.19 · Reply
  4. Kathysue wrote:

    Absolutley STUNNING, SUE!! ♥♥♥ it!

    Published on 2.14.15 · Reply
  5. designchic wrote:

    You know we loved everything about your new kitchen but every time I see this butler's pantry I am in awe…stunning, Sue!!

    Published on 2.14.15 · Reply
  6. Wow, what a transformation! I love how you used the white coral as an accent – it really pops.

    Published on 2.12.15 · Reply