Our House On One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane House tour feature today!
Our House On One Kings Lane

Our One Kings Lane House Tour Feature

Exited to finally talk about our One Kings Lane house tour feature today!

Back in October, the creative team behind the One Kings Lane blog paid us a visit from New York City.

Major anxiety ensued the night before OKL arrived.

This included a wardrobe freak out and several compulsive house cleaning moments.

As it turns out, I didn’t need to spaz out as much as I did.

The camera can’t really pick up dust and Oreo crumbs in the rug after all.

Despite how nerve wracking anticipating this home tour was, the whole day turned into a really great experience.

Cate La Farge Summers interviewed me for the feature.

She asked fun and thoughtful questions about our home, my style and some random “Day In The Life” stuff too.

I absolutely love the photos by Lesley Unruh (she’s as beautiful and sweet as she is talented) and the extra bonus – I got to keep the gorgeous fresh flowers that stylist, Michelle Wong filled my house with.

I loved watching Michelle in action.

Afterward the photo shoot, I left several things exactly the way she artfully arranged them.

These are few favorite images from the shoot.

Our dining room is still very much a “work in progress” so I left those out.

One Kings Lane House Tour Feature
blue butlers pantry from our one kings lane house tour feature

For more details about this popular glossy blue space in our home, be sure to check out the before and afters!

part of our kitchen cabinetry as featured over on the one kings lane blog
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