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Benjamin Moore Calm Paint Color



Benjamin Moore Calm Paint


Today I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite paint colors, Benjamin Moore Calm. It’s also one of the paint colors I get asked about the most.

So,  it seems a post on this topic is long overdue!

Benjamin Moore Calm is the color we have on our family room walls here in Connecticut.

You can see it “in situ” in the photo above.

First time with Calm


First off, for starters, we used Benjamin Moore’s Calm in our family room in our previous house in New York.

That’s when we fell in love with this shade.

You can see this in the photo below.

This color is also known as OC -22. The “OC” stands for original color.  I don’t know why I know that…



Benjamin Moore Calm Paint Color



Anyway, we love this paint color so much we decided to use it again in our current home.

We knew it would look great because we were going to use all the same furniture in this room again.

Well, everything except for the rug, which didn’t fit the new space.


Benjamin Moore Calm Paint Color



Second time using Calm


As you can see, using a light gray rug in our current home gave the whole room a much more cohesive, modern look.

The light in our former home is much different.

As a result, light matters as it effects how the very same paint color looks on a wall

Because time of day and lighting can drastically change the look of a paint color, it’s important to test samples out first on the wall.

So be sure to look at them in different light.

Having a paint colors fan deck like this one, while not necessary, makes it easier to find complimentary colors.





Just like our previous home, we chose to have the trim and ceiling painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove with a semi gloss sheen.

You can read all about paint colors for trim work here, and paint colors for ceilings here!

Personally, I love the versatility of this color.

Just like it’s name suggests, it does have a “calm” effect on the room.




It’s the perfect shade if you’re looking to paint a room white or a pale neutral color, but you still want a hint of tone.

Depending on the light and time of day, it looks light gray and or white.

So for more white paint ideas, be sure to check out this post here.

However, if you’re leaning more towards using a gray paint color, you’ll want to check out this post here.

In other words, Benjamin Moore’s Calm is a very versatile, neutral color.

Hope you found this post helpful.

If you do end up using Calm on your own walls, let me know! I’d love to see it.

PS: See more of our current home here.



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  1. JoInCT wrote:

    I always thought that OC stood for offwhite colors in the BM line?

    Published on 12.12.19 · Reply
  2. Liz wrote:

    I am thinking of using Calm for my kitchen cabinets and all the trim in my new build house. There is lots of natural Iight from the East and South. I am worried it might look pink in certain lights. I would not want that. What do you think?

    Published on 1.3.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      try a few swatches in different areas first.

      Published on 1.5.20 · Reply