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weekend links and sales


Happy Friday. This week I stumbled across a fun podcast, hosted by the author, Lisa Birnbach.

Do you remember The Official Preppy Handbook? That’s Lisa Birnbach! Anyway – the format of this podcast is this: At the opening, Lisa lists five things she’s grateful for each week and after each interview, asks her guests to do the same.

I love the premise and decided to list for you here today five little things I’m grateful for this week. Thinking about these little things and listing them out is a fun mood booster.  So, why not give it a try… over in the comments, DMs, email or even just quietly to yourself. I’d love to see your “five things.”

Here’s mine:

1. Spellcheck.

Apparently I forgot (or maybe never even knew) how to spell “exercise”. I always want to put a z in there somewhere…but thanks to spell check, I never do:)

2. Podcasts.

Working from home and driving a lot – it’s nice to listen to these instead of music. Especially when I ‘m uploading, formatting and editing photos. It’s a great way to learn new things or just be entertained.

3. Car seat warmers.

Now that the temps are rapidly dropping in Connecticut, I really appreciate this little invention.

4. Facebook Groups.

This year I joined a few specifically for bloggers and really appreciate all the advice and feedback. So much so, I created one just for home design!

5. A cozy new robe

After too many years with the same ratty, over washed terry cloth robe, I finally bought a new one. It’s SO nice to wrap this fresh, soft thing around me after I shower. What was I waiting for?

I hope you enjoyed this quick little list of five things! And now here’s this week’s round up of reading, sales and so forth….






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