Master Bathroom Renovation Ideas With Our Before and Afters

Talking all about our master bathroom renovation today.

If you’re on the hunt for some master bathroom ideas, you’re in luck!

As of yesterday, we’ve now been living here in our house in Connecticut for five years!

So crazy.


master bathroom renovation ideas

I ran across some additional images of our bathroom remodeling project while cleaning out my files and decided to update this post with them.

If you remember our old master bathroom from our New York home, it’s obvious that it completely inspired the design of this new bathroom.

Actually, inspired might not be the right word here. We loved our master bath so much, especially this Cole & Son Mimosa wallpaper.

Since we had only just finished renovating it in 2009, we weren’t ready to say goodbye to this well thought out room.

So, we decided to pretty much recreate the look here in our new home with the help of Muse Interiors.


master bathroom renovation before and after
Here are a couple of before photos from the original MLS listing.
master bathroom renovation before and after

before and after


As you can see, we made several significant changes along with some smaller design decisions.

We got rid of the existing tiles, built in tub and counter tops but kept the vanity and sinks.

Keeping the original vanities and sinks here was a great way to help keep costs down.

Having a freestanding tub (similar to our former one) was my top priority.

I don’t use it often, but I love having a soaker tub.

We also updated the shower head, shower floor tile and the overall color palette here to suit our own personal style and give the entire bathroom a more modern look.


While each bathroom vanity has pretty ample storage space, we were able to add a bit more storage in the small space in the water closet, not seen here.

We store extra toilet paper, soap and general toiletries in this added extra space.

master bathroom renovation
I was more than happy to keep our wood and chrome mirrors from our old home and use them again here in our new house. 

We were considering a medicine cabinet style mirror – but eventually opted to keep our old mirrors for a more streamlined look.

We improved on the marble tile floor from our old bathroom by going with a fabulous chevron pattern here.

Changing the floor pattern is a great example of a small detail making a big impact.

This is one of my favorite design elements in this space.
before and after renovation

I also love having two separate vanities instead of a large double vanity.

Other favorites are the Visual Comfort lucite sconces and the big round white mirror which makes a nice focal point over the freestanding bathtub.

bathroom renovation
tile pattern
The chevron white tiles pattern installation in progress here.
master bathroom renovation

Master Bathroom renovation ideas: CONCLUSION

I hope you enjoyed all of these bathroom remodeling ideas.

In addition, remember to keep resale value in mind – these projects can get very expensive, very quickly.

When tackling an outdated bathroom it’s a great ideas to make a list of the important features you want to incorporate – what you can and can not live without.




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  1. Susan Ferguson wrote:

    Sue – the room is so elegant and that wallpaper is the bomb!
    You have inspired me to start using lucite more – it really looks wonderful in a traditional setting and that’s what I have right now.
    Can I come over and take a bath?

    Published on 11.12.19 · Reply
  2. Fern Bradley wrote:

    Gorgeous bathroom! Love the wallpaper.

    Published on 11.12.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks so much!

      Published on 11.12.19 · Reply
  3. Jennifer Taylor wrote:

    do you mind sharing what grout you used on that beautiful tile floor?

    Published on 11.12.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Sure it’s dolomite tiles in a subway tile shape

      Published on 11.12.19 · Reply
  4. What a gorgeous space. It really is beautiful. Great job!

    Published on 10.25.15 · Reply
  5. What a gorgeous space. It really is beautiful. Great job!

    Published on 10.25.15 · Reply
  6. Emily wrote:

    It's such a lovely space. I love how you did the same wallpaper as your old bathroom and recreated the whole look. Great confirmation that you did it right the first time, and that's not something we can always say!

    Published on 10.22.15 · Reply