Weekend Wrap Up

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Hi. How’s it going on your end?

On the one hand, it feels like we have a new normal over here.

On the other hand, it’s pretty stressful and it’s not getting any easier. I’m sure you feel the same.

With five of us and one very confused dog all living under the same roof – it’s like an 80s sitcom pilot, gone very wrong…

One day I’ll be SO productive – I’m cleaning and cooking and writing, the next day I’ll crash. No energy. Even a walk feels like a burden.

This article from the NY Times really hit home, I don’t need to feel bad if I’m well…feeling bad!

Writing this blog, as I mentioned several times, gives me some semblance of “normal life” – hope you get the same from reading.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday weekend, at home.





Perfect little pantry adhesive labels.


Rebecca Atwood’s collection for Pottery Barn just launched, it’s very pretty!


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This one’s for my fellow Generation X friends! Can you relate?


Finally broke down and ordered a Roombaand I LOVE IT!


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Have I mentioned this great little eye roller serum yet? Really liking it.


Why I love Benjamin Moore’s Cape Hatteras Sand.


Will we ever wear pants again?


The coziest socks around.


The best movies to stream on Netflix right now.


Created a virtual library of all my favorite design books.


New favorite t-shirt (and it’s on sale.)


Five of the best professional interior design tips to use in your own home.


Listening to Jessica Simpson’s memoir on audible – she’s reading it and it’s pretty good!




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  1. Barnali Guha wrote:

    Sue, I know these days are different than what we are accustomed to .. but just wanted to let you know that I come to your site because I always have for several years. So your work helps us!! Thats a huge positive! And you dont need to be productive every day. Try and recall pre-covid days, chances are you did bum around some days – the only difference is that we are home bound 24/7.
    You are doing a great job inspiring us! so thank you! Have a blessed weekend.

    Published on 4.10.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks so much! This means a lot to me!

      Published on 4.10.20 · Reply
  2. Barbara wrote:

    Thank you for your lovely posts. I especially appreciate paint choices. I moved during this craziness and just told the painter to paint the ceilings Decorator White. Thanks

    Published on 4.10.20 · Reply