Five of the best Professional Interior Design Tips To Use In Your Own Home

Interior Design Tips To Use In Your Own Home

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The Five Best Interior Design Tips To Use In Your Own Home



So, what are five of the best interior design tips to use in your own home?

This is a GREAT question!

Similar questions I’ve received through the years actually inspired this post.

In the past, I’ve worked with some great interior designers in my home.

However, for some spaces (like my laundry room and our guest bathroom) I’ve completely relied on my own design skills.

When I do rely on myself, I try to incorporate a lot of the advice and tips I’ve learned from the professional interior designers I’ve worked with.

Today I thought I’d share some of the best tips and advice I’ve gotten through the years from the pros, in case you want to use them in your own home.


Here are the Top Five Interior Design Tips To Use In Your Own Home:


1. Don’t be afraid to mix metal finishes.


While there’s nothing wrong with staying true to one type of metallic throughout a room, there’s something really pretty about a space when you mix the metal finishes.

It’s also very freeing!

In our kitchen we have a mix of brass hardware, stainless steel appliances and polished nickel lights.

Somehow it all seems to work!

I love this layered, less sterile approach to working with metals in the home.

In fact, I did a whole post a few years back about a gorgeous kitchen which really illustrates this point so beautifully!


Interior Design Tips To Use In Your Own Homecoral //  hardware


2. Never under estimate the power of paint.


Before our high gloss butler’s pantry was this gorgeous shade of blue, it was a drab, dark wood space.

We changed the hardware and then had it professionally painted a Fine Paints of Europe custom blended high gloss blue lacquer… and that’s basically it!

This post with the before and after images of this space really illustrates the difference paint alone can make to a space (paint is also a great way to revive a piece of furniture!)



Interior Design Tips To Use In Your Own Homeblue and white large jar  //  gold wall mirror


3. Start a collection and show it off!

I picked up this tip from paying close attention to magazines and stylists.

Grouping “like” objects in a vignette or display is such a great designer trick.

Try it with the same color or the same object or both!

Maybe you’ll even be inspired to start a collection, but I’m willing to bet you can create one in your home with objects you already own.

As you can see from the photo above, I have a penchant for blue and white pieces.

I utilized this same idea for all the faux coral in our butler’s pantry (above).

It’s a fun and easy idea for styling your home.

This is a quick look at some of my blue and white porcelain collection!



Interior Design Tips To Use In Your Own Homelumbar pillows  //  wall sconces  //  hurricane



4. Don’t forget the ceiling. 

Often refereed to as the “fifth wall” – the ceiling should not be over looked;)

In fact, paying attention to the ceiling is one of my favorite ways to get a designer look.

I chose the photo above of our living room, because the ceiling is painted pale blue or “haint” blue

Our’s is Benjamin Moore’s Morning Sky Blue. We left the molding white, to really make it pop!

If you want to read more about what trim paint colors we use, be sure to check out this post.

For more ideas on painted ceilings, check out this post on ceiling paint and if you’re really feeling daring – be sure to check out this post on wallpapered ceilings (my personal favorite!)


chandelier  //  mirror  //  wall sconces



5. Hang your drapes higher than the window itself. 

This actually applies to almost all window treatments, not just drapes.

It’s sounds like such a small thing, but it can make a big impact.

Always hang your drapes higher than the actual window (window moulding or opening).

You can see from the image of our dining room above, our drapes are at least seven inches higher than the actual window.

We brought the drapery rod up to the end of the ceiling moulding for a clean and elegant look. It makes your windows and your whole room look taller!

Next time you’re looking at a high end shelter magazine, check the height of the drapery rods… I bet you’ll start to see this little trick a lot.


I hope you enjoyed all the advice I’ve gotten from the pros through the years.

I still have a bunch more…so, if you’d like to hear more of these tips – be sure to let me know!

PS: For a more in depth look at window treatments in general, be sure to check out this post, here!



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  1. Gray wrote:

    I love doing something special on the ceiling. But I have 8’ceilings. Does that matter?

    Published on 6.12.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I would focus on the walls with vertical stripes, hanging drapes higher and consider using glossy paint in a neutral or white on the ceiling! Good luck!:)

      Published on 6.12.19 · Reply
  2. Susan Ferguson wrote:

    The before and after on your butler’s pantry is amazing! Love it!

    Published on 6.12.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thank you!!!

      Published on 6.13.19 · Reply
  3. Arleen Masone wrote:

    Can I paint over popcorn ceilings. Will it look good.? We can’t afford redo the ceilings. Help!

    Published on 6.13.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      You can, I’ve seen some good examples on Pinterest! Good Luck!

      Published on 6.13.19 · Reply
  4. Diane Stella wrote:

    Love all your design tips especially painting the break front, I just moved from Cape Cod to Stuart Florida, and hoping to find my forever home. Nothing like making a life changing move at the age of seventy three, but what the heck why not? Thanks for your tips, Regards, Diane

    Published on 6.15.19 · Reply
  5. Idasco wrote:

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful interior design tips for us. Waiting for more such posts!

    Published on 6.19.19 · Reply
  6. Vicki Coffin wrote:

    Thanks for the decorating advice!

    Published on 8.2.19 · Reply