Beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware sources

What are some great beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware sources?

When searching for the proper kitchen cabinet hardware, it’s important to choose a design that will not only add function but look and feel beautiful against your kitchen cabinet fronts.

white kitchen with brass kitchen cabinet hardware

A cabinet pull and knob might sometimes be a last-minute thought when you’re busy designing or renovating your entire kitchen space.

However, kitchen cabinet hardware can easily make or break the overall style and look of your room. 

Sometimes it really is the little things in design which count the most.

So, today I’m sharing my favorite sources to buy kitchen cabinet hardware.

Where to buy beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware

Here’s where you can buy beautiful hardware for your cabinet doors.

All of these are great online shopping sources for the best cabinet hardware.


Rejuvenation Hardware has a collection of great looking hardware in a range of different metal finishes.

Classic options for your kitchen cabinets and drawers include the Massey round cabinet knob and the West Slope drawer pull.

This source is number one on here because it’s my personal preference.

The Canfiled drawer pull, for example, is the one we used in our most recent kitchen renovation (seen above.)

It’s a trusted favorite of mine.


Cute and quirky, Anthropologie offers a range of colorful knobs and hardware for those looking for something more unique.

Of course, their collection of hardware can also be used outside of the kitchen. but

Pieces like this Woven Leather Knob can add a nice eclectic touch to your cabinets. 

I also love the selection of glass knobs and crystal knobs available here.


Pleasantly surprised by the vast selection of kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs.

Whether you’re going for a modern look or a more classic look, there’s something for everyone on this comprehensive site. 

I particularly love how this drawer pull shows the way even minimal pieces can significantly impact your interior design.

Etsy is an excellent source for those looking for something a little different with reasonable prices.


Believe it or not, Amazon is a great place to find beautiful kitchen hardware.

With a wide selection of knobs and pulls, Amazon is an ideal choice for those looking for contemporary styles for their kitchen cabinet hardware selection.

The matte black drawer pulls seen below is a inspired design and a customer fave.

You can often find a great deal, and many of Amazon’s best sellers offer free shipping as well.

Home Depot

They have a variety of price points and many great looking knobs.

This is the best place for finding good prices on a large variety of styles.

Pottery Barn

This source provides an incredible catalog of affordable yet beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware.

You can easily find more simple designs, like the classic bin pull, below.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, products like these vintage glass knobs can add a little extra personality to your kitchen design. 

Here are a few more great sources worth checking out:

Restoration Hardware

House of Antique Hardware – like the name says, they have beautiful antique styles. – A beautiful selection of classic style hardware.

CB2 – they have a variety of shapes with clean lines you won’t see everywhere else.

And, I’ve also got a few more design tips for your new hardware selections:

Try to stay away from a satin nickel finish – as this tends to look very dated.

Your drawer pulls do not need to always match your top knobs, etc.

However, you do want to be mindful of your cabinet hinges, especially if they are exposed.

Match up the metals on the hinges and your kitchen hardware, it’s these little thing which can make all the difference.

Of course, all of these ideas will also work great for a bathroom cabinet as well.

For even more kitchen decor inspiration:

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