The Best Paint Colors For Dark Wood Floors

What are the best paint colors for dark wood floors?

It’s no secret, a fresh coat of paint can do a lot to transform a space. 

Dark hardwood floors can give a warm, luxurious, and comforting look to a room.

But, which paint colors go best with dark floors?

Today we’re going to take a lot of the guess work out of this popular question.

The first thing to consider is the tone you want to set for the space.

Do you prefer a playful vibe, a rustic atmosphere, or a more, classic, traditional aesthetic?

Read on for the best complementary colors for dark flooring. 

The Best Paint Colors for Dark Wood Floors

You don’t need to consult a color wheel or stress out in order to come up with the right paint colors.

White Wall Paints

Off-white or even bright white walls can bring a lot of extra light and dimension into a space.

The light shade complements the dark colors in the wood, especially cherry hardwood floors.

Consider light walls in your dining room, living room, or kitchen to make the space appear large and create some beautiful contrast.

See this post, which has my top white paint colors, all of which will look great with both dark and light floors alike.

Warm Tan and Creamy Wall Paint Colors

You don’t necessarily have to have light hardwood floors if you want to paint your walls with warm, light wall colors.

Colors like warm tans or creamy beiges are a great option.

Because they complement the dark wood flooring, especially the chocolate tones in the wood floor color. 

This post has the best creamy paint colors, the ones which interior designers always recommend as an excellent choice to their clients.

Tip: Warm colors on the wall will work better in spaces that receive a lot of natural light.

Light Gray and Greige

When in doubt, greige paint colors always look beautiful with dark hardwood flooring.

When it comes to neutral colors, this timeless color scheme is pretty foolproof.

As for light gray walls, these are perfect for more modern or contemporary homes.

This post has a round up of my top gray and greige paints to use for your home.

Light Violet 

You may not think of purple shades when you think of the best paint colors for your walls, but softly blended violet with gray undertones perfectly complements dark wood’s warm tones. 

Violet is more versatile than you’d think!

It works just as well with light wood floors as it does brown floors. 

gray blue painted walls of dining room

Light Blue and Blue Gray Paint Colors

Light colors go very well with dark flooring.

Pale, cool blue walls work especially well in a dining room, if you’re looking for a lively pop of color.

Calming blue and blue gray shades can bring contrast to the dark wood to brighten your space. 

Be sure to check out this post for the best blue gray wall paint colors to use in your home.

Final Thoughts On the best paint colors to use with dark wood floors

When you’re looking for the best paint colors for your dark wood floors, start by determining what vibe you want to create in your space

If you’re going for a more neutral look, a lighter color like greige or beige will work best. 

To make more of a statement, paint your walls with a cool color like pink, light green, or blue to tone down the intensity of dark wood floors. 

Sample, Sample, Sample!

Ultimately you need to love the wall paint colors you choose for your house…

Which is why I can’t recommend trying it out as a sample in your home first.

Perhaps this is so obvious, but even the surrounding natural light from one room to another can differ and therefore change the look of any color.

Live with a few samples for a few days before making your final decision.

Be sure to test the color in natural and artificial light too!

The best way to do this is with these large self sticking paint samples.

Don’t these sound so great?

No messy paint cans to deal with before you commit! Win/win!

If you’re at all curious, you can find them here and try it out as a sample in your home first!

I’ve personally tested these out on our walls for accuracy and they are one hundred percent spot on.

Look how brilliant these Samplize adhesive wall paint samples are!

Hopefully, you found this post helpful.

Any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

I’ll be happy to answer them.

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