Decorating Your Kitchen Island: 7 Easy Style Ideas

Kitchen island decor tips and questions – from what to place on an island or dining table to how to style items on a kitchen island – I get a lot of these…

Hopefully today will answer all of your questions surrounding how to style your kitchen island.

kitchen island with a styled vignette and flowers
A typical example of our kitchen island decor. Kitchen sources and details in this post.

Seven Easy Tips For Your Kitchen Island Decor

Your kitchen island is the main area where everyone usually gathers.

It’s also usually the center of the kitchen and the kitchen is the center of the home, so…

This makes styling your kitchen island a little intimidating for some.

However, it doesn’t need to be!

Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

Here are a few simple, yet thoughtful suggestions which will be sure to spruce up and bring a little extra zhush to your kitchen island.

kitchen island ideas with greenery
Simple, fresh greenery on the kitchen island of a former beach house of ours. The white cabinetry here are painted Benjamin Moore OC-151.

1. Less Is More!

When you’re planning out what you’d like to style on your kitchen island, be sure to keep it simple and uncluttered!

This is the most important kitchen island decor tip in my book.

A lot of people become overly excited with the idea of sprucing up their kitchen island, and end up cluttering the space with tons of different items, making the whole area look cluttered and unorganized.

Try to avoid this impulse, when it comes to kitchen island decor, less is more!

Whether you’ve decided on utilizing a big bowl that you will put colorful and vibrant fruit in or you’re thinking about placing a large floral arrangement right in the middle, sticking to only one large decoration will draw the necessary attention to your kitchen island that it has been wanting and deserving.

This “less is more” concept holds true for you color scheme here as well.

2. Choose Seasonal Fresh Flowers or Fresh Fruit To Display On Your Kitchen Island Counter

One of the best ways to decorate your kitchen island is by incorporating seasonal changes that will truly brighten up the area!

Using the seasons makes the whole process pretty easy and it’s one of my favorite ideas.

Think pumpkins, gourds and beautiful leaves in fall, holly, evergreens and seasonal fruit in the winter – you get the idea! 

Plus, its always a good idea to have easy access to fresh fruit.

Of course my favorite is to feature fresh Hydrangeas in different colors on our kitchen island all summer long.

3. Utilize Your Very Best Kitchenware in Your Kitchen Island Decor

Have you recently bought unique and beautiful kitchenware, but have limited storage space?

It’s time to feature your fresh new pieces as your kitchen island centerpiece or focal point.

By incorporating your prettiest kitchen accessories, such as plates or platter dishes, and displaying them on your kitchen island, you can effortlessly bring a bit of elegance and brilliance to the center of your kitchen.

blue and white bowl on kitchen counter
Kitchen cabinets paint color here is Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White.

4. Use Flower Vases To Bring Everything Together

A great way to truly create a cohesive look within your kitchen decor and your kitchen island is by strategically placing vases on the island. 

If you have an assortment of flower vases that have been collecting dust, while being stored away in a closet, it’s time to take them out and place them in a fashionable way in the middle of your kitchen island.

By creating a nice statement within the kitchen, this will draw in everyone’s eyes as they walk into the room.

Pair a tall vase with a few smaller ones to add visual interest while still leaving ample counter space for food preparation.

In addition, using natural elements in this way can also add a beautiful pop of color to the heart of the home.

fresh flowers on a kitchen island
During the summer months we usually display fresh hydrangeas in various vases on our kitchen island. Find our glass cake stand here.

5. Add A Pop Of Green

Speaking of color…

Green is a beautiful color that is uniquely natural when utilized in the correct way.

Adding some greenery, either real or faux, will always up the wow factor in your kitchen island decor.

plant decor on kitchen island
Love the look of fresh ferns -always a great option and a favorite way of mine to bring in a fresh green hue..

6. Put thought into each element of your kitchen island decor.

When you first begin to plan out how you would like to decorate your kitchen island, really put some thought behind it.

For example, here are a few tips I found really helpful.

Try to use elements which aren’t already present on the island.

In other words, I went with a round butcher block wooden piece on our marble island.

Whereas if it was a butcher block countertop island, I might’ve chosen a white marble tray instead!

The wood adds an element of warmth here, so it works.

My kitchen has a lot of straight, hard edges, so I chose something round.

If this were a round table, I might’ve gone with a square…see what I mean?

I love everything about this wooden cutting board above – it’s the perfect addition to our white kitchen island.

Odd numbers of items make for great vignettes, don’t be afraid to play around.

Then, take a photo with your phone!

Because sometimes, it helps to look at a photo of a vignette, in order to get a better sense of things.

Finally, don’t forget to leave room on a counter or two for some actual cooking space.

fresh flowers during the summer displayed on kitchen center island

7. Utilize Thrifted Pieces To Bring The Area Together

The best inexpensive way to spruce up your kitchen island is by finding unique vintage pieces to display.

This tip is a great ideas as it allows you to incorporate fashionably economical pieces and functional items, while possibly providing a conversation piece, since everyone is usually gathering there anyway!

Of course, it’s also sustainable…which is always a good thing.

Kitchen Island Decor Tips – Conclusion

These tips will all work regardless of whether you have a large island or a small kitchen island without much space.

By integrating these kitchen island ideas, you’ll be able to create a completely unique and distinctive kitchen island that your friends and family members will absolutely adore!

One you’ll take great pride in as well!

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