Place your bed in front of a window?

Answering a very popular reader question today.
Whether it’s OK to put the head of your bed in front of the window.
head of bed placed in front of a window
A beautiful example of a bed placed in front of a window in a guest room with simple white curtains via Alice Lane Home.

Is it a good idea to place your bed in front of a window?


Over the past weekend, I had a lovely email exchange with the talented and gorgeous interior designer, Jamie Herzlinger.

Jamie was kind enough to share some “before” and “after” images of a project she is currently working on.

before photo of bedroom
Caron Street: Master Bedroom “Before” floor plan    
after photo of bedroom
Caron Street: Master Bedroom “After”
There is so much I love about this “after” photo!
The gorgeous window treatments, soothing color palette, the amazing chandelier, the abundance of nail head trim – just to name a few!
However, I think the best thing for me is the improved placement of the bed here in this chic and commanding position.
I love that the bed now faces the entrance of the room… a real pet peeve for me as anything else strikes me as bad feng shui..
Many people shy away from placing their beds in front of a window, just like the home owners in the before photo here.
But, you have to admit – the new placement looks SO much better.
Sometimes the window wall is the best place for your bed.


Sometimes, putting your bed in front of a window is the best option.


The night stands really help to balance out and fill this space.

I also love the way Jamie handled the window treatments here as well.

The new drapery also really works so well with the window frames here.
Incorporating the drapery and shades into the crown molding was brilliant, since it really draws the eyes up and makes the whole room feel so inviting.

The perfect bedroom design for a good night’s sleep.

This provides another great focal point in this room.
Here’s another great example of a bed placed in front of the window.
bed placed in teen boys room in front of window wall.
I’ve seen a few rooms, like my son’s above, where there isn’t a solid wall and the only option is to go with the bed on a window wall.
When it comes to a design dilemma like this, sometimes putting the bed in front of windows is the only option.
Hopefully these examples show how this can be a great solution for small rooms.
bed placed under a window

I love how the minimal bed frame allows the natural light of this large window to still pour into this room!
If the windows were a bit taller here, you could opt for a more solid headboard as well.
Beds place this way not only look better, but it’s also considered to be better feng shui – to have your bed face the entrance or the middle of the room.
Obviously, I’m not a feng shui expert, but many people swear by good feng shui for restful sleep.
As you can see the homeowners opted for no window coverings here, as they kept the window frame bare.

However, you could of course keep things simple with a curtain rod and blackout curtains.


So, don’t be afraid to put your bed under the bedroom window.

It’s worth mentioning, interior designers have told me this is a great way of working with furniture placement in a small bedroom.

Especially if you’re concerned there might not be enough space to walk on the side of the bed.

Sometimes putting the bed in front of windows is the only option, so hopefully this shows you this can be a great solution for small rooms.

Let me know in the comments section if this answers all of your bed placement questions – good luck!


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  1. Signe wrote:

    Love love love the bedroom 🙂

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  2. The bedroom transformation is lovely but the study photo took my breath away, it's gorgeous!! I can't even fathom having that kind of talent for decor. She is amazing!

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  3. Oh my! That bedroom is now a serious and stunning retreat. Hard to believe it is even the same room. Talented she is, Ms.Jamie. And not predictable, which I love!

    Thank you for sharing.

    ox, Mon

    P.S. Sue, hope all is well with you. I recently applied for a fantastic job in the corporate world. I did not get it — but I was so close! I am still licking my wounds…. My energy is slowly coming back.

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  4. Kristin wrote:

    I can't get over what a difference those window treatments make. Gorgeous!

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  5. That bedroom is swoon worthy.

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  6. What a beautiful transformation. I adore that bedroom.


    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  7. I love these rooms! That bedroom is incredible, I also just love how the rooms have been styled for photographs {the books lying on the floor etc). Quite stunning.

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  8. Stacey wrote:

    I'm with you on the placement of the bed pet peeve, and i think it's bad feng shui too. Great transformations! XX

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  9. This is so cool! I love the study too, so cheerful and upbeat, very creative! XX!

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  10. Oooh, both makeovers are gorgeous!! The bedroom is so elegant and feminine. I love how the window treatments make it look as though the windows go right along both walls. Genius!!

    And the wall treatment in the study is fresh and fun. It really gives the room a lighthearted & whimsical feel 🙂


    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  11. She has got the right stuff, a real winner.
    Being so beautiful is also a plus. Great taste.


    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  12. Oh my, the "afters" are stunning!! Adore the master bedroom…fresh and fabulous –

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  13. Oh wow, I wish I had her talent!

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  14. Wow! unbelievable! Such a difference!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms!

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  15. that bedroom is beyond good…

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  16. Those Before & Afters are nuts! The lighting alone makes these rooms look like completely different spaces.

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  17. CDS wrote:

    What great transformations!!!!

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  18. Sarah wrote:

    I am a sucker for a good before/after.. These are beautiful rooms. It's obvious that Jamie Herzlinger is a seriously talented designer!

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  19. Oh my she is a very talented lady. That master bedroom after photo is dreamy

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply