End Of The Bed Interior Design Ideas

What should I put at the end of my bed?

If you’re in need of some end of the bed interior design ideas, today’s post is for you.

A popular design question and a recent request I’m happy to answer today.

These end of the bed interior design ideas will enhance the look and feel of your bedroom’s overall style.

bench at the foot of our bed
The bench at the foot of the bed in our primary bedroom.

End Of The Bed Interior Design Ideas

From stylish bedroom furniture storage solutions (to keep extra pillows and blankets inside) to ottomans, benches and small sofas- we’ve got you covered today.

You’re going to love of all of these great ideas for the foot of your bed.

So let’s get into it and transform this often overlooked space!


Add A Bedroom Storage Chest

Kicking off our bedroom design list is this stylish bedroom furniture idea.

Add a velvet or faux suede storage chest at the end of your bed for a sophisticated storage solution.

This is a great way to add a splash of color to your bedroom too.

You can also choose a contrasting fabric to the rest of your room to add a new edge to the interior design.

Consider a leather storage chest in a soft cream bedroom.

Also think about, something like a striking royal blue velvet chest with gold feet, to contrast a minimalist master bedroom.

primary bedroom in beach house renovation

A Small Sofa at the end of the bed – For A Luxury Hotel Feel

If you want to replicate a luxury hotel room, position a small sofa at the end of the bed.

This trick adds depth to your room and sections off the bed from the rest of the space within the room.

Adding a new place to sit down and relax, it can be used while getting dressed without ruining a freshly made bed.

x benches at foot of bed
X bench ottomans at the foot of the bed in our guest room. Wall color here is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

Add a pair of ottomans to the end of your bed.

Place a pair of ottomans at the end of the bed to add instant glamour to your bedroom.

A popular bedroom design idea, ottomans are usually lower than a chair or sofa and can be a great multi-functional piece of bedroom furniture.

The example above is from my oldest daughter’s bedroom.

I went with Moroccan poufs, which are often a more affordable option.

Since this room is so white, I chose an accent color from the room to give it more visual interest.

You can use an ottoman as a table, stool, footstool or to store extra bedding, books, and magazines.

Speaking of storing extra books…

This next image is from my other daughter’s room.

Two Chairs With An Accent Table

There’s nothing quite like a lazy Sunday morning when you can finally enjoy a lie-in, drink coffee in bed, and just take it easy.

So, why not incorporate this concept into bedroom design by adding two matching chairs and a small accent table at the end of the bed.

This look will draw the eye directly to your bed and ooze elegance.

bench at the foot of bed
Tufted end of bed bench

A chic and simple bench

A simple, good looking bench is almost always what I choose to put at the foot of our own bed, which is a king size.

The image above is from our beach house. Since our bed is a large canopy bed, I chose a coordinating bench with a clean design.

Also worth noting, since the bed is wooden and upholstered, I went with a gold metallic leg and textured tufting for this bench – this gives it a bit of interest and sets it apart from the bed.

Just a few things to think about when choosing which piece to place at the foot of your bed.


Hopefully, these ideas on what to put at the end of the bed have inspired your own furniture choices and interior design.

As far as sizing, in general:

It’s a good idea to have a bed either purchased or picked out first, before choosing the furniture for the end of it.

You’ll want whatever furniture you choose to be about 3/4s of the width of your bed.

If it’s two chairs and a small table, you’ll want the whole set up not to exceed the width of the bed.

In addition, you’ll want benches or ottomans to be the same height or lower than your bed.

Finally, you’ll want to consider materials – as mentioned above. Going with something a little different than your bed will always look great.

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