Cane Furniture Pieces For Your Home – 9 Beautiful Picks

Cane furniture – I’ve been a big fan of these pieces with natural materials for quite some time now.

Today I’m sharing a few of my current caned furniture favorites – including a few cane pieces from my own home.

From bar carts to pendant lights and more – here are my top picks.


cane dining chairs in our homeCane chairs in our kitchen.


The Best Cane Furniture Pieces

Whether you think of it is as a material or a pattern, there’s no denying that cane pieces look so chic in the home.
First brought into vogue in the 1600’s, as a byproduct of the Southeast Asia trade markets in Europe.

This ancient technique later became synonymous with the British Colonial style we know today.

Gorgeous cane furniture pieces for your entire home.

collage of cane furniture pieces.Mid Century Hand Caned Jeanneret Side Chair  |  Harbour Cane Bed | Cane 3 Tier Storage Tower | Caned Door Console with Shelves | Can Accent Chair Armchair | Daybed with Pearl White Mattress Cover | Wide Pine Sideboard | Set of two chairs from Urban Outfitters


The lightweight feel and airy function of these pieces make them the perfect type of furniture for humid climates- but they really look beautiful as home decor anywhere.

No wonder so many interior designers love to use natural cane in their spaces.

Here are a few of my favorite cane design trend finds.

white media console with cane doors. Four-Door Cane Media Console

cane hurricanes on a porch in a m;odern white beach home
Whitewashed Rattan Hurricanes smaller accessories like these are a great way to experiment with a caned subtle accent.

The cane trend is perfect if you’re looking to bring some warmth and natural texture into your home.

Gorgeous in a living room or dining room, I also love to see cane webbing used in outdoor furniture like outdoor dining chairs, outdoor dining tables and outdoor coffee tables.

natural color modern cane ottoman stool.KOUBOO Jao Rattan Cane Ottoman Stool

I love the look of these modern outdoor ottomans.

The natural element of these pieces feels right at home in any outdoor space.

Plus, many of these items are very family friendly – super easy to clean with a little warm water and a damp cloth.

I also love the curvy shapes of some of these pieces.
For example, how chic is this curved two seater sofa above – and it’s currently on sale!
cane modern accent chair
I love this chic chair so much!
It’s one of the most iconic cane seats.
If you just want to add a single chair to a room to breathe new life into it, I highly recommend this one.
Modern cesca cane kitchen chair

Vintage kitchen furniture like the Cesca chair is a classic.

This gorgeous chair is fast becoming an interior designer favorite again.

Many of these vintage styles are coming back around into vogue.

In fact, no article on cane furniture would be complete without paying homage to the original Thonet chair.

Vintage cane dining chair.Vintage Thonet Bentwood Style Armchair

I found this rare vintage woven piece for sale on Etsy.

So, the good news is many of these pieces will last you a long time.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cane Furniture:

Are Rattan chairs considered the same as cane?

Both rattan furniture and cane come from the same rattan plant.

Cane is the thinner material that results from the process of stripping the rattan plant.

Wicker furniture can also be made out of rattan, but it can also be made out of bamboo, reed, willow, or even synthetic fibers.

So bamboo furniture while beautiful, is not necessarily the same as cane.

rattan wrapped hurricane

Can you use caning in a light fixture?

Yes – I’ve seen beautiful examples of both cane and rattan in light fixtures of all sizes.

I’ve even seem some really lovely outdoor lighting in cane and rattan as this popular trend shows no signs of slowing down.

cane flush mount light.This chic cane flush mount is a steal at only $179.




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  1. Gray wrote:

    Hey Sue – Love Love Love caning. I love that wallpaper – I wonder if it’s just printed or actually caned? I bet it would be more $$$ if it was caning.

    Published on 3.9.22 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I think it’s just printed. Might be too hard to apply if it was actual? Not sure. Thanks!

      Published on 3.9.22 · Reply
  2. Gray wrote:

    LOve Love Love caning… thanks! I love that wallpaper…it comes in a sand…..I need another room…..?

    Published on 6.25.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Yup! I know the feeling:)

      Published on 6.25.20 · Reply
      • Gray wrote:

        PS – I found a place where you can buy caning by the sheet……❤️

        Published on 6.29.20 · Reply
        • Sue De Chiara wrote:

          PS: Where?:)

          Published on 6.29.20 · Reply
          • Gray wrote:

            PPS – Cane & Basket out of LA!

            Published on 6.29.20 ·
          • Sue De Chiara wrote:

            Thanks so much!

            Published on 7.6.20 ·
  3. Mary wrote:

    I just bought a set of white Cesca cane chairs to go with my new tulip table. But I found a website that sells them much cheaper than DWR.

    Published on 8.11.17 · Reply
  4. I adore all things caned. Thanks for sharing the links, Sue!

    Published on 8.10.17 · Reply