How to Perfectly Style the Blank Wall Behind Your Sofa

What should I hang on the blank wall behind the sofa?

Coming up with ideas for decor above your couch isn’t always easy.

But, today we’re going to break it all down!

how to perfectly style the blank wall behind your sofa example with grid art hung above sofaSkirted sofa here is custom by Lee Industries. Wall color is Benjamin Moore Cumulus Cloud.

How to Perfectly Style the Blank Wall Behind The Sofa

“The big blank wall behind my couch” is the subject line of so many emails.

Whether the question is “what should I hang” or “how high do we hang it” today we’re going to address it all.

The wall behind the sofa is a major focal point in most rooms.

Because of this, many people find searching for the right piece or pieces to hang above the sofa, somewhat intimidating.

“I’m afraid of making an expensive mistake,” is what I hear the most.

This doesn’t have to be a tough design decision.

In fact, if you follow these suggestions below, I’m sure you’ll not only find something great, but you’ll enjoy the process as well.

Here are a few great looking ideas for things you can hang above your sofa.

1. Hang a large mirror behind the sofa.

large mirror hung on the large blank wall behind the sofaConsole table behind couch with large mirror above via HomeBNC

The first thing you might want to consider for your empty wall space is an oversized mirror.

Mirrors are great for almost all big blank walls.

In addition, mirrors are an excellent way to get some extra light in an empty space.

They also provide such a nice focal point – especially in small rooms.

If you have a small space, mirrors can be the best way to create the illusion of more space.

Adding a console table to this mix, if you have the room is also such a great idea.

This helps to ground the whole area and also offers a surface for drinks and or decor or lighting.

2. Create a Gallery Wall.

beautiful gallery wall on blank wall behind sofaGold and black and white frames on wall behind settee via Ballard Design.

If you’re interested in incorporating several elements or art pieces into your wall decor, a gallery wall is the perfect solution.

You can include multiple frame sizes, picture types, and wall decor.

To do this you’ll want to follow these steps:

1.Make sure the pictures, posters, or other elements you want to incorporate are large enough that they will make an impact.

2.Start by laying your elements out on the floor in the pattern you’re thinking you want it arranged in.

3.It’s a good idea to have one consistent element to work off of, such as a central piece a color palette or a single line all the frames are lined up with.

4.Measure and space carefully (this all in one tool is fabulous for getting it right the first time.)

Related: home decor ideas and details on how to style a gallery wall.

3. Fill up the blank space with a large art grid or hang two medium complimentary pieces.

blue throw pillows on couchOur exact acrylic framed butterfly art prints can be found here.

See also the grid of wall art we hung above our love seat sofa in the top image.

You can invest in a pre-made grid of art or create your own own creative accent wall with motifs like Intaglios, maps or florals, which lend themselves perfectly to a grid style.

4. Hang one large piece of art on the bare walls behind the sofa.

Be sure to check out this post on where to buy the best art online.

art behind couch
Example of a single piece of artwork behind a couch.

One large painting can make such a big impact as well as open up a space.

Art is of course also a great way to add a pop of color to a room.

5. Hang artful objects or decorative items like baskets or wall sculptures.

baskets hanging on large blank wall behind a couchBaskets above couch decor in family room via Soleshade.

Love this idea – I think hanging baskets above your sofa is such a great option.

Woven baskets can also add a nice bit of natural texture to your room.

Many companies offer pre grouped basket selections for your wall.

This set is by far my favorite.

I would also suggest checking out thrift stores and flea markets for wall hangings, unique pieces of art and vintage baskets in all different sizes.

6. Install gallery shelves behind your sofa.

photos behind couch

Gallery ledge style shelves are such a great idea if you like to move things around a lot.

This option is still so chic and yet also very functional.

One of the many reasons a floating shelf like these are so popular in the interior design world.

You get a lot of flexibility and immediate gratification without adding a zillion new nail holes in your wall.

This eclectic look is such an easy way to incorporate your personal style into your living space.

Love this idea if you are lucky enough to have a couch or sofa in a home office.


As you can see, there are plenty of different ways you can decorate the large wall above your couch and create a great focal point!

It’s always best to hang all decor above the couch at eye level.

Usually this is about 60 inches from the center of the pieces to the floor.

Art hung over a sofa or couch should be 4-6 inches above the back of the piece.

Regardless of the height of your wall space, you always want to draw the eye up.

As for width, the art should be 2/3 the width of the furniture- look at multiple pieces as if they are one large piece.

Play around with different ideas until you achieve the one which speaks the most to your style.

I hope you were inspired by all of these wall decor ideas.

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

I always try my best to answer them.

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