15 Beautiful Container Garden Ideas

Beautiful container garden ideas are front of mind for me today!

Warm weather and sunshine both have me thinking about finally getting our outdoor pots and containers in order.

Beautiful Container Garden Ideasvia @clausdalby

15 Beautiful Container Garden Ideas

In fact, the weather this past weekend in Connecticut was perfect.

It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here.

Technically growing season starts around Mother’s Day but I’m more than happy to start spending a lot more time outdoors.

The patio cushions were dusted off and brought out – along with a lot of  sweeping and general back yard sprucing.

Now I feel more than ready to get all our empty large containers filled and planted.

In case you too are looking for a little container gardening inspiration –

Here are 15 beautiful container garden ideas to inspire your next outdoor project.

blue and white beautiful container garden ideas

Container Garden Ideas and Inspiration

With  my love for blue and white pieces, you’d think I had a whole outdoor collection going on.

I don’t!

But I think I need to remedy this immediately!

white wood beautiful garden containersFrontgate planters

The Versailles planters from Frontgate are a standout classic.

As a general rule, these are such a good choice as you can never go wrong with these.

hydrangeas in planter

Adding Some Color With Container Gardens

Hydrangeas are on of my favorite flowers for adding a splash of color.

Pink, blue and purple hydrangeas are the perfect addition to any garden as they add color and texture and provide a beautiful focal point.

Love how they look in big pots like this one above.

However, you need to make sure you have the right potting mix for hydrangeas.

The local nurseries are now all (thankfully) open and I’m sure we won’t be the only people paying them a visit this week.

In the meantime, I took to the internet to find some new and fresh ideas for our garden.

There’s SO many unique and beautiful container garden ideas out there, it’s got me feeling extra motivated.

Once we get started, I’ll be sure to update you on our progress – probably over on Instagram stories!

Traditional Clay Pots

mixed plants in pots and garden containersMix and match flowers and plants in clay pots via@clausdalby.

These pots are such a simple way to make a big impact.

A cheerful burst of color with front step pots gives new life to this entry via @clausdalby.

greenery in window boxes as a beautiful container garden idea

greenery in window boxes as a beautiful container garden ideaWindow boxes with foliage plants via Pretty Pink Tulips.

Window Boxes

Beautiful container garden ideas don’t need to be limited to just the ground!

Have a look at my friend Elizabeth’s gorgeous container plants in her window boxes above.

Most growing plants can thrive in small containers, pots and planters – as long as they have full sun, water and adequate drainage holes to get rid of excess water.

See more of her stunning home here!

pink flowers in window boxes as a beautiful container garden ideaMix container plants with flowers in your window boxes like Pretty Pink Tulips- so lovely!

Plant Stands

front porch beautiful container garden ideas and flowersFlower Pots via Gal meets Glam

I also LOVE the idea of a plant rack like this one from Gal meets Glam!

I’m currently eyeing a similar one here!

Even more creative ways to show off your green thumb

garden obelisk with vines on front stoopLove the idea of a single plant like this creeping Jenny on garden obelisks from Ballard Design.

How pretty are the Bunny Williams garden obelisks?

I’m toying with the idea of adding two of these to our patio area garden design as well…would be such a great addition.

flowers and vines in beautiful concrete garden containerColorful Flowers and sweet potato vine in a concrete garden Planter via Garden Lovers Club.

Even more ideas on sprucing up your outdoor space:

How to choose the best ivy for your walls.

Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas

The Best White Exterior House Paint Colors.

How to Grow Big Beautiful Blue Hydrangeas.

The Best Looking Door Knockers.

A round up of beautiful flower garden pots and planters.

Our Smokeless Backyard Firepit Review

outdoor planters on porchA mix of plants on our back porch – one of many shady areas around my home garden.

Container Garden FAQS

What’s the best container for tall plants or small trees?

Either the round or square version of these larger containers would work great.

What are the best plants for container gardens?

Just about any types of plants can be grown in a pot as long as it’s basic needs and water requirements are met.

You can grow an herb garden, vegetable garden, flowers, shrubs, ornamental grasses and small trees almost anywhere.

A well thought out container garden design can add beauty to all kinds of areas, including windowsills, patios, balconies and even rooftops.


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