Best Backsplash Ideas For White Kitchen Cabinets

Today we’re discussing kitchen backsplash ideas, specifically for white cabinets.

White traditional kitchen
White glass tiles in a herringbone pattern backsplash.


These kitchen backsplashes will all work beautifully in a kitchen with white cabinets.

Of course, all of the backsplash ideas would also look great in almost any kitchen…

However, you will need to consider your counter top material, as whether you have natural stone or quartz should factor into your choice.

white glass tiles in a herringbone pattern.
White glass tiles in a herringbone pattern.

I get a lot of question on the backsplash titles we have in my kitchen – so today I thought I’d get more in depth with my answer.

Which brings us to all of these great white kitchen backsplash ideas…

White Subway Tiles: A Classic Look

white kitchen with white subway tile backsplash.
Our former kitchen with a white standard subway tile backsplash. The white kitchen cabinets are Benjamin Moore White Dove – a very popular cabinet color. Our white marble counter tops were Calcutta Gold.

In our traditional kitchen in our former home in New York we used white ceramic tiles.

I loved the cottage feel this look gave to the whole space.

These subway tiles are always a popular choice because they’re truly a classic style.

We used a light gray grout color which framed out the tiles in a nice subtle way.

You really can’t go wrong with this tile / grout combo.

If you’re looking for a no fuss backsplash idea, these white tiles are a great option.

Close up of white kitchen tile backsplash.
Close up of our marble white countertops and white backsplash.


Here in Connecticut, we have a more transitional kitchen design, so we went with a white color glass backsplash tile in a herringbone pattern.

Personally I love the subtle focal point the herringbone tiles provide.

Another great way to achieve this same look is with porcelain tiles.

The white glass tiles are the same size as a classic subway tile, but the gloss of the glass and the patterned tile makes it feel a bit different than our previous home.

As you can see, our we have white cabinetry (specifically Benjamin Moore White OC-151.)

Our kitchen wall color is Farrow and Ball Elephant’s Breath.

We wanted a clean look which complimented our marble countertops, but also wanted something a bit different from our former white subway tile backsplash.

We had an interior designer help us with some of the decisions for the design style here and I love how it call came together!

Our grout here is more of a white grout color, rather than a grayish grout.

Just like with wall paint colors, it’s important to test out a few grout colors in order to get this small, yet important detail right.

white quartz counter top and backsplash.
Our Florida home quartz counter tops.

Extending the countertop material to the backsplash

Continuing the counter top material up the backsplash creates such a great streamlined, modern look.

In our Florida home, we chose quartz counter tops and decided to bring it up the wall.

I love the look of this and think it was the perfect choice for this kitchen.

You could do the same design just as easily with a marble backsplash.

beach cottage kitchen with large white center island.

A pop of color

When we decided to go with glass tiles (again) in our beach house kitchen renovation, our original intent was to repeat the white tile look.

We decided to stack these in a pattern a little different than a traditional subway brick pattern.

For whatever reason, these glass tiles (which were a different manufacturer than our original glass tiles above) looked white in the box, but once installed had a light sea foam green hue.

At first this surprise color annoyed us…

However, over time – we now appreciate the subtle pop of color this gives our otherwise all white kitchen color scheme.

So, while not intentional, I do like the look of this, and now think it’s a great choice!.

It also looks very pretty with the brass accents of our kitchen hardware.

Personally, I wouldn’t do this with bright colors – as I think a more neutral look will always stand the test of time.

But I think a very subtle blue, sea foam or light gray tiles could be very pretty – as it adds some visual interest.

I like to save the bold colors for accessories in the kitchen which can be switched out if and when your tastes change.

white square ceramic tiles on kitchen backsplash.
Find these chic square backsplash tiles here. Perfect for both a small kitchen or large one too! Love the unique look these tiles provide.


Whether you’re looking into modern kitchen designs or your personal taste is more of a traditional style, hopefully you found the right backsplash for you personal taste.

Backsplashes are the best way to protect the kitchen wall between your counter top and cabinets, but they’re also an easy way to update your kitchen and express your personal style.

If you end up using one of these white backsplashes, send me a photo once your dream kitchen is completed.


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