The Best Hygge Home Ideas

Today we’ve got the best hyggee home ideas for you.

Tips on the whole Danish concept of hygge.

If you’re not already familiar, hygge is Danish word pronounced hyoo·guh.

Creating a hygge home or what we would call a cozy home, is a great way to cope with the dark, cold winter months.

Hygge Home Ideas

You might be surprised to learn that some of the happiest people in the world also live in one of
the coldest places in the world.

The people of Denmark have used hygge as a way of life for coping with the colder months of the year.

Think about creating a cozy feeling with elements which help to combat the cold
winter blues.

The popularity of hygge style has since made its way across the pond to us over the past few years.

If you’re looking to embrace the art of hygge this winter and transform your home, here are a few
different ways you can embrace this design trend and give your home a hygge vibe.

When it comes to hygge decor ideas, start with some simple things…

Use blankets and pillows

Make sure both throw blankets and throw pillows are readily available in your living space.

When it comes to a cozy blanket, look for different textures and shapes to add to the hygge of your living room.

A chunky knit is the epitome of hygge vibes.

Floor pillows or faux throws can also be used to create a serene space.

Add a comfortable chair or two to hang out for a movie night or curl up with a good book.

Keep the color scheme of these soft blankets and pieces to a neutral palette to up the cozy feel even more.

Add scents to your home

Burning candles on your coffee table or diffusing essential oils are a great and natural way to create a calm mood.

Aromatherapy can not only reduce stress and help you sleep better but burning a candle, or diffusing relaxing scents can help to create a cozy vibe in your home.

From basic pieces to beautiful and intricate designs, you can pick up your own diffuser and some
common essential oils such as cinnamon, peppermint, and lavender.

Rethink your lighting for a warm glow

When it comes to hygee home ideas, hygge lighting is all about soft, warm lighting.

You’ll want to create a natural light for a warm and cozy glow no matter
where you are in the room.

A few ways you can achieve this natural glow and create cozy
lighting in your home include:
Natural materials used in your fireplace design
Soft and warm bulbs
Lamps and overhead accent lights
String lights or fairy lights

Have a place dedicated to your favorite warm drink

This area could be dedicated to tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

A small little space or cozy corner perfect for indulging in comfort food and embracing hot drinks.

Life’s simple pleasures especially in the dark short days of winter.

A hygge space like this also makes it easy to entertain and share with others.

Include everything you need to serve as well, cups and spoons, sugar, syrups, marshmallows, etc.

Natural elements are such an easy way to give your home the overall look of hygge

A staple of the hygge lifestyle is the art of bringing nature indoors.

A neutral color palette like one found in nature is a great place to start.

Many homes that have strong hygge vibes usually find ways to incorporate natural elements into the home.

This could be anything from hanging plants throughout the home to something small like a wooden cutting board on display as home decor.

Look for ways to incorporate the outdoors.

Think natural elements and neutral colors such as natural wood tones and greenery.

A Final Note on Hygge Decor

I hope you enjoyed the above hygge home – all easy ways to make your home feel cozy.

Remember that the purpose the hygge lifestyle trend is to embrace the art of cozy living.

Cozy living and hygge are best when shared with others.

Hygge homes are dedicated to simple comforts and welcoming others into your cozy abode.

When creating a home with a true feeling of hygge, don’t forget why you’re embracing these hygee home ideas in the first place.

Although the Danish term hygge might be new to people, the concept of hygge home design is all about creating an inviting atmosphere.

Use these tips to help embrace a home filled with hygge and “the art of cozy” in your home.

If you want to learn more about hygge design and find even more great hygee home ideas , I fully recommend Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life, it’s my favorite book on this subject.


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