13 Reasons To Paint Your Interior Doors Black

I love a black painted door!

If you too love the black door look, today’s post is for you.

Today I’ve got 13 reasons why you should take the plunge and paint your interior doors black.

Many of these reasons can also be applied to an exterior door too!

Are you ready to take the leap and add black into your color scheme?

black door

13 Reasons To Paint Interior Doors Black

An easy and affordable way to quickly enhance your home and create a bold look is to paint a door black.

Let’s take a look at a few great examples and as well as several reasons why this is such a great home design improvement.

Black, moody interiors are a strong, bold interior design look.

This is in complete contrast to the recent all white cottage core vibe.

Because black interiors can actually add depth, warmth, and elegance to a space.

So, it’s time to go shopping for some black door paint.

2. White Can Look Too Sterile

While white interior doors are typical in a modern home, they can make a space look a little sterile.

Add white walls and white furniture into the equation, and white doors can quickly become lost within a room.

Using black paint to transform your doors is a great way to make your doors pop.

3. Black Painted Doors Are Easier To Keep Clean

Fingerprints and hand marks don’t show up as much on black doors.

If you’re raising a family and have kids around, there is a good chance sticky fingers are going to be showing up.

From fingermarks on windows to dark smudges on white doors.

However, black doors can help eliminate this problem at home and give busy parents one less thing to constantly clean up.

4. Black Interior Doors Can Hide A Magnitude Of Sins

Many people love a dark, black interior design aesthetic because it can actually hide and conceal old woodwork.

If you are currently renovating a home, it’s a good idea to try to salvage original features.

Black doors can minimize the general wear and tear of old wooden panels and give original door frames and door panels new life.

5. Accentuate Door Handles & Doorknobs

Choosing to paint interior doors dark can be a tricky decision to make.

But if you have purchased beautiful gold door handles or doorknobs that you really want to show off, black doors might be the best idea.

A dark backdrop can help accentuate gold features and ooze sophistication.

6. Add Depth With A Black Door

A powerful interior design trick is to use black paint to create an optical illusion within your home.

Black doors can easily add depth to a room which will actually make it look bigger.

This is best achieved when used with cream, ivory, or white wall paint, as black doors will make ceilings appear much higher.

7. Compliment Other Dark Features

A pot of ebony paint can also help to compliment other black features within your room.

From black light fixtures to dark window frames black doors will tie in any and all darker elements you might have.

black door

8. Black Doors Beckon You In

A door is of course an entrance.

Enhancing your doors with black paint can draw attention to it which will beckon you forward, creating a sense of curiosity as to what’s behind it.

So, stop looking to blend your doors in with your walls and start making bold entrances inside the home.

9. Black Paint Can Shine

While it’s not going to bounce light around the room in the same way as a mirror, a black door painted with a high-gloss finish will gleam inside your home.

You can even add a layer of clear gloss after you’ve painted your doors dark for maximum shine.

This is a great interior design tip if your doors are close to or opposite a window.

10. Black Painted Doors Add Contrast To Soft Textiles

If your room is furnished with soft textiles, fluffy cushions, and heavy curtains, a black door can make for a chic contrasting statement.

Rather than choose soft cream or ivory paint, go for a darker tone and contrast almost all the other interior design elements in your room.

11. Edwardian Era

Did you know that Edwardian front doors in England were often painted dark forest green or black?

It was only later in the 1930s when doors began to get brighter.

So, if you’re a fan of British history and particularly the Edwardian era, with it’s focus on elegance, black painted doors could be perfect for you.

12. Black Paint Can Make A Door Look More Expensive.

If you can only afford standard wooden doors for your home, black paint can help you make your interior look far more expensive.

Start by painting your doors in a dark color or take the plunge by using a jet black paint pot.

Then finish with a clear gloss.

Now make it look even more glamorous by adding new door hardware accessories such as a gold or brass doorknob.

13. Create A Calming Effect With Black Painted Doors.

This really applies to bedrooms or cozy corners in your home.

Black doors can have a calming effect.

A white or bright bedroom has been all the rage over the past couple of years.

However, now interior design trends are moving towards creating a calm and relaxing environment, with minimalist design and dark, earthy tones.

It’s best to have darker color schemes in a bedroom, as you’ll want to reflect the idea of nighttime and a restful night’s sleep.

Black Painted Door: Before and After Example

If you’re still not convinced to paint your interior doors black, take a look at this before and after example below.

This is from our Florida home where we painted the inside of the double front door to make it pop and add interest in an otherwise all white space.

We went with a different color on the exterior side – as both sides don’t always have to match!

Although I do LOVE a black front door! It’s such a classic look.

before photo of white double door
This was the inside of the front doors. Double front door interior before we painted it black. More about this home here.

Just wanted to note, this was not a wooden door – so don’t feel limited if your doors are metal.

our homes black painted front door
Black painted front door interior “after” photo. As you can see, this little update made a huge difference. The paint color on the walls in the living room here is Benjamin Moore Decorators White.


What type of paint finish should I use on my door?

You’ll want to pick a paint with a high gloss or semi-gloss finish.

This is the best finish.

The reason behind this is twofold.

Glossy finishes reflect light and look great on doors, especially darker painted doors.

Glossier finishes are also much easier to wipe clean.

This is important to consider when it comes to fingerprints and household grime, which interior doors are susceptible to.

Trying Out The Color Black: What black paint colors look best on doors?

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Benjamin Moore Soot

Farrow and Ball Off Black

Benjamin Moore Nightfall

All of these colors come in handy Samplize self adhesive paint samples.

I always recommend using these Samplize adhesive paint samples.

The Samplize non-damaging adhesive backing allows for viewing in multiple locations and in different lighting without marking up your walls or doors!

Produced with genuine manufacturer paint.

A good option when you want to see a variety of different paint colors.

Such a brilliant product!

No messy paint cans and brushes to deal with!

Such a brilliant product!

No messy paint cans and brushes to deal with!

If you’re at all curious, you can check them out and order them here.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black samplize paint sample
Samplize self adhesive paint sample of Tricorn Black.

These black paint colors above are the very same colors recommended in this post on black painted trim.

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Have I convinced you to paint any of your interior doors black?

Hopefully you’ve gotten some great ideas on adding black painted doors to your home today.

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