The Most Stunning Black Trim Interior Ideas and Inspiration

This post on black trim interior ideas first appeared here back in 2014.

After this recent post on painting your trim the same color as your walls as well as this popular one on the best white trim paints to use, a few of you had questions related to black trim.

Hopefully this post will offer you a few answers and ideas.

powder room with black painted molding and trim

Black Trim Interior Ideas

When should you consider using black trim in your home? 

Consider adding black trim to your home when you’re looking to make your trim standout.

Black trim always looks chic.

Especially if you already have several black design elements in the room.

This makes the overall design of the space look cohesive and intentional.

Of course you can always add a few black pieces once your trim is painted black to get the same effect.

black painted window trim in study with two modern chairs.
Our black painted window trim in my husband’s home office.

Black trim gives your typical traditional finish a much more dramatic appeal.

This small detail really adds to the overall visual impact of a space.

It’s a great way to make architectural features like door trim, crown molding or ceiling beams really pop.

neutral living room with black trim.
Neutral living room with black interior trim.

Imagine this neutral living room without the benefit of the contrasting black trim?

It would lack the same oomph to say the least!

black door

Black Trim Ideas

Painting your interior doors black is a great design tip.

It’s unexpected and always looks great.

It’s also worth noting, there’s an entire post dedicated to how much I love a black painted door!

Especially a black front door or double door, like the one in the image above.

black trim painted around windows
Example of the use of black trims around windows and floors with white walls. An idea of what this bold combo looks like in practice in a traditional home.

Interior Black Trim And Dark Trim Paint Colors

These are the best (and most popular) different shades of black paint colors to use for your interior trim color:

Benjamin Moore Jet Black

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Benjamin Moore Soot

Farrow and Ball Off Black

Benjamin Moore Nightfall

Benjamin Moore Baby Seal Black

All of these colors come in handy Samplize self adhesive paint samples.

I always recommend using these Samplize adhesive paint samples.

The Samplize non-damaging adhesive backing is such a great way to test out a paint color.

Because it allows for viewing in multiple locations and in different lighting without marking up your walls or doors!

No messy paint cans and brushes to deal with!

If you’re at all curious, you can check them out and order them here.

We had the trim in our powder room (featured in the top image and below) painted a high gloss black for extra drama.

As you can see, this coordinates so nicely with the dark Lotus print wallpaper.

high gloss black trim in powder room

Black trim works best with white, cream or neutral walls.

While interior design rules are made to be broken, the truth is black painted trim usually looks best against a white, cream or very light color wall.

Due to the strong contrast, white walls and a dark color trim are always a winning combination.

Not to get too off topic here, but if you’re looking for some white and cream paint color ideas, be sure to check out these popular posts below:

black painted living room with raised panels and trim

An example of modern style black trim and chair rail.
How stunning is all this raised paneling and trim?
Painting all of these architectural details in one black color gives this space such a fresh modern look.

black trim in white bedroom
image via Alyssa Rosenheck

Notice how the black drapery trim here really lends itself to the overall focal point.

The classic black accents in this room tie it all together perfectly.


Have I convinced you to paint any of your interior trim black?

Hopefully you’ve gotten some great ideas on adding black painted trim to your home today.

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  1. Mary wrote:

    I’m currently painting molding and trim of a sliding glass door that looks like French doors black. Do I paint the moldings of the screen black too?

    Published on 11.7.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I’m not sure I’m following your question. Are the screen moldings on the door separate from actual door moldings?

      Published on 11.9.21 · Reply
  2. preppylove wrote:

    I really really love the last two! So pretty and expensive looking with the gold details!


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  3. oh my goodness! this house is gorgeous! what neat detailing!

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  4. I always love a good contrast! Black trim gives a dramatic impact. 🙂

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  5. CDS wrote:

    Very nice! I'm wearing black and white today…can't go wrong with that!

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  6. Love it. High impact…
    I painted my interior doors black along with the crown in my powder bath. What a difference. Great photos.

    Published on 6.12.14 · Reply
  7. Christine wrote:

    I love black trim. I have many of the doors in my house painted black and my next project is the paint the window trim in my kitchen black.

    Published on 6.12.14 · Reply
  8. Katy Byrne wrote:

    Love being a part of this series! Thanks again, Sue!

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