8 Fabulous Door Knockers For Your Entryway in 2024

Don”t you just LOVE really fun door knockers?

Such a quick and easy way to really zhush up your entryway!

This post first appeared here last winter, but since then I found so many unique door knockers, I’ve gone ahead and updated it for you here today.

brass pineapple on blue door

8 Fabulous Door Knockers To Zhush Up Your Entryway

Talking all about door knockers today – I’ve got entryways on my mind I guess.

Your front door provides the perfect opportunity to express your own personal style.

Whether you choose to pay homage to your home’s architectural style, it’s location or simply love a specific motif, door knockers can really enhance the overall look of your home.

If curb appeal and first impressions are important to you, then this little design detail will be right up your ally.

Regardless of your personal style, there’s a door knocker option for everyone’s entryway.

If you’re looking for some of the best door knocker ideas out there, here are all of my favorites – the ones which make me wish I had more than just one front door!

A Brief History of the door knocker

The door knocker is an iconic staple of prestige and style.

It’s experienced an evolution in design over the ages.

Today we view doorknockers as an expression of style and enriched curb appeal.

antique lion head door knockerAntique lion head door knocker with an ornate look.

The Conception

Door knockers originated in Ancient Greece thousands of years ago.

When exterior doors replaced hangings for more privacy and protection, a means for someone to notify their presence was needed, and the door knocker was born.

There’s also quite a surprising dark side to this decorative item.

During this period, upper class Grecians chained slaves to the front door.

Often, they would fall asleep due to boredom.

To awaken the slaves, visitors would bring an iron bar to strike the door with.

This proved to be a new security threat for homeowners.

Grecians were compelled to develop an alternative.

The improved design was a large iron rectangle backplate secured to the door with a heavy ring attached, a handle and knocker all in one.

As the adoption of door knockers grew in Ancient Greece, word spread to the Romans and beyond.

The Renaissance Renews the Door Knocker

The Renaissance was a rebirth, bringing the new world a wave of artistic and cultural expression.

Door knockers were not exempt from the creative explosion of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Small embellishments to door knockers began in earlier centuries when blacksmiths skills began to improve.

When the Renaissance swept through Europe, craftsmen began manufacturing unique and elaborate knockers—from dragons, to lions, to family crests.

Again, door knockers grew in popularity and continued to spread across the globe.

American Eagle Door KnockerAmerican Eagle Door Knocker


Door Knocker Themes

As time progressed, the designs evolved, and themes emerged.

The lion head was a prominent feature for many years.

Its symbolism stretched across oceans and cultures.

In fact, the lion head door knocker was widely present in the American colonies.

It wasn’t until the American Revolution that another figure took its place.

The Bald Eagle took reign in the American Colonies from this time forward.

In the Mediterranean, the hand door knocker emerged and gained popularity.

The hand is said to derive from the Hand of Fatima.

It was believed that the Hand of Fatima protected against evil.

Therefore, a design resembling the hand was placed on the front of the home to ward off all that was wicked.

As with all trends, even hundreds of years ago, word spreads—and the hand door knocker spread with it.

Hand of Fatima door knocker.Traditional design hand of Fatima door knocker.


Modern Door Knocker

Fast forward to today’s modern home.

Door knockers have experienced significant evolution since their conception in the eleventh century.

They are no longer simply a means of alerting the homeowner of your presence.

Today homeowners choose to decorate their front doors with door knockers for a variety of reasons.

Whether a homeowner wishes to incorporate their heritage into the home, complement the architectural design, or add a trendy emblem like a pineapple, it is the owners’ opportunity to adorn a personal touch, curb appeal and a lasting impression.

A fun and unique door knocker is the perfect way to zhush up your front entrance.

Let’s have a look at some current popular designs and the best door knockers out there today.

Pineapple Door Knockersolid brass pineapple door knocker


1. Pineapple Door Knocker

Starting things off with the iconic pineapple door knocker.

Who doesn’t love a pineapple motif in any form?

The pineapple’s long history as a symbol of hospitality makes it the perfect, quintessential door knocker.

I love how it looks best in brass against a bright, colorful door – but it truly looks beautiful in any finish.

This is a timeless style which would make such a good choice for a housewarming gift.

brass lion head door knocker on high goss black front doorOur brass lion head door knocker on our front door.


2. Lion Door Knocker

A personal preference and another timeless design, this is the door knocker which adorns our own entryway.

Inspired by the doors I’ve seen in Europe, I love the classic look of the lion head.

I also think it looks so great against our high gloss black door.

3. Traditional Brass Ring Knocker

It doesn’t get any more traditional than the big brass ring.

Sometimes you just need a bold, brass door knocker!

The perfect addition to any front door.

Especially if you can’t commit to a symbol or motif, but still want to add some personality to your door.

I’ve heard door knockers referred to as the jewelry of the home-

It’s these simple round ones which come to mind whenever I hear this, probably because of the large hoop earrings which are often referred to as doorknockers!

shell door knocker on blue doorbrass seashell


4. Shell Door Knocker

Whenever we go to a beach community, I love to look at all the different front doors and door knockers.

For some reason, sea motifs, like this darling shell above – really lend themselves to so many charming ideas for your front door.

brass bee door knockerBee knocker


5. Brass Bumble Bee

If shells and lions and pineapples aren’t your thing, perhaps a sweet little bumble bee is?

I love the whimsy behind this simple design.

The one in the image above is so cute, and so is this more stylized version here!

brass anchor door knocker on blue beach house entrywayAnchor with rope door knocker.



6. Brass Anchor Door Knocker

As I mentioned above, LOVE a good coastal door knocker

This is the same brass anchor we installed on the entryway to the beach house we renovated and sold last year.

Anchors, sea turtles, shells, lobsters, crabs – I really just love the whole vibe of a cute coastal door knocker.

silver fox door knocker on light blue front doorSilver Fox Countryside Animal Door Knocker Handle

7. Country Fox Knocker

From the beach, to the country…

This darling fox is another favorite of mine.

Perfect for country homes, suburban homes and town houses a like – how sweet is this handsome little guy?

I love the unique look of this one.

The accompanying over all door design and hardware here is also pure curb appeal perfection!

vintage lady hand door knocker on entrywayvintage Victorian era lady hand


8. Vintage lady hand door knocker

Hand shape door knockers have a long history and are often associated with both good fortune and warding off evil.

There are many hand motif options available out there, but the vintage ones are by far the most charming.

Where should the door knocker be hung on the door?

For starters, you should aim to center it horizontally on your door.

If your door has a peep hole, or peek hole, you should hang the knocker below it.

Some door knockers come with a viewing hole.

A door knocker with a viewer is not my favorite.

My personal preference is to have the hole and the knocker both separate on your door.

Finally, you should hang your door knocker roughly 4 1/2 to 5 feet from the ground up.

This all assumes you have a wooden door.

For metal doors, this becomes a bit trickier.

Specifically, you may need to purchase separate hardware for a metal or steel door.


Hope you love all these door knocker picks and suggestions.

From unique designs to traditional styles, as you can see here – the possibilities are truly endless.

But, these are my favorites and a great place to start if you’re searching for one to suit your own style and taste.

So, do you have any of these door knockers on your own entryway?

Let me know in the comments, or better yet – send in a pic!

I hope you got some great ideas from this post!
Check out the widget below for my top picks.

brass fish door knocker



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