Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist is another favorite paint color I thought I’d feature here today.

I just love this color and I think you will too!

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

The consistent positive feedback I’ve been getting on these paint color posts has inspired me to create a few more.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist is a beautiful light gray paint color we love!

As you can see from my husband’s home office,  above – this is such a great neutral gray color.

In the interior design world this is considered to be a gray beige or a greige paint color – due to the slight purple undertone.

If you’re looking for a light gray paint with a little bit of warmth to it, this could be the one.

home office with Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist in our home office.

We really wanted this room to feel and look very light and bright.

However, we also wanted to the wall color to have a bit more of a visual impact than an all white space.

Balboa Mist is the winner here!

fireplace in room with Balboa Mist gray wallsMore details about this space here.

As you can see it looks great in this space.

Balboa Mist is a warm gray paint which looks perfect with white trim.

This paint color works so beautifully with both the trim and the white ceiling paint color.

In fact, I think it makes the beautiful trim and wainscotting in this room really pop!

The trim in this space is painted in Benjamin’s Moore’s White Dove.

So, if you’re asking for a paint color that goes well with Balboa Mist, White Dove is my answer here.

If you’d like, you can read more about wainscotting.

We also considered both Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and Sherwin William’s Agreeable Gray for this space.

I wish I’d thought to take a photo of these paint samples all up on the wall.

We (obviously) ultimately chose Balboa Mist because it looks just a bit softer, a bit warmer and it made the room brighter.

sample of Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC – 27

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist is also known as OC – 27.

I recently learned from my local hardware store, the OC stands for Off White Colors.

This was a surprise to me as I was told years ago it was for Original Colors?!

Anyway, I always like to know what these letters mean, only because it helps me to remember the right code!

While I was there, I also asked him to recommend some brushes and rollers if you’re doing this paint job yourself.

This set, which has everything you need in it, was the same one he pointed out to me.

painting tools for DIY home paintingpaint brush set


Ultimately you need to love the paint colors you choose for your walls.

Which is why I can’t recommend trying it out as a sample in your home first.

Because even the surrounding light from one room to another can differ, and this will alter the look of any paint color.

Live with a few samples for a few days before making your final decision.

Always be sure to test the color in natural and artificial light too!

A great way to test out a paint color, is to get these large self sticking paint samples.

Doesn’t this sounds so clever?

No messy paint cans to deal with before you commit! Win/win!

If you’re at all curious, you can find them here and try it out as a sample in your home first!

balboa mist self adhesive paint sample from samplizeSelf sticking Samplize brand paint sample.

Any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

I’ll be happy to answer them.

Which reminds me… I’ve already answered a popular inquiry on the best white paint colors to use for trim and baseboards, (just in case your wondering:)

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image to pin with Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore paint sample

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