All Time Favorite Interior Gray Paints (Top Four)


Excited to talk about my favorite interior gray paints today!

Based on the popularity of my favorite interior white paints post, I thought I’d do another round up here today of some of my favorite gray interior paints. 


antelope stark runner on stairs

 Farrow and Ball: Elephant’s Breath

Top Four All Time Favorite Interior Gray Paints


Last week I did a few Instagram stories in my kitchen. Afterwards, I got several direct messages asking about the paint color we have on the walls.

The answer is, it’s a diluted version of Farrow and Ball’s Elephants Breath. In other words, we lightened it by adding white paint!  

Farrow and Ball is known for gorgeous paint colors. You can find one of my favorite books showcasing this company’s best paints here!


Some of these gray interior paints we’ve used for years and in several different projects, so when I say they are a favorite, I’m not understating it!

Finding the right paint color, while not exactly serious business, can be extremely frustrating if you get it wrong (trust me, I know.)

However, these colors here are all fairly fool proof.

Pro tip: you can always ask the paint store to add some degree of white paint to soften the look- try experimenting with 25% and 50% white.

For example, in the image above we used Farrow and Ball Elephant’s Breath in our back stair case, but when we used it again in our kitchen (seen below) we added quite a bit of white paint to the mix.

This is great for coordinating rooms which flow into each other.

Because they are different variations of the same color, you know for sure they will work perfectly together.

However, because they are a bit different, you still get the visual interest of different shades, instead of one paint color through out.

Makes sense, right?




Top Four All Time Favorite Interior Gray Paints

Farrow and Ball Elephant’s Breath


Top Four All Time Favorite Interior Gray Paints
favorite interior gray paints

walls: Benjamin Moore Cape Hatteras Sand

basket  //  fur lumbar pillow  //  sconces
You might’ve noticed in my living room, we’ve complimented the gray wall paint with a beautiful blue ceiling paint.
Since I get a lot of questions about ceiling interior paint colors – I have a whole post on this subject here!
Top Four All Time Favorite Interior Gray Paints
 Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist
Top Four All Time Favorite Interior Gray Paints
 Benjamin Moore Sea Salt
galvanized metal star


Side note: Don’t you just LOVE all the names of these colors?!


Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this quick round up of my favorite interior gray paints!

I always love to answer you interior design related questions!

In fact, they tend to be the inspiration behind some of my best and most informative posts around here.

For example, I’ve dedicated a whole post to the best white paint trim colors to use, if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration!

Another GREAT thought: I haven’t personally tried these, but the idea of large self sticking paint samples sounds brilliant!

If you’re at all curious, you can check them out and order them here!


If you do end up using any of these paint choices in your home, let me know! I’d love to see it.

You can always see more of our current home here.

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

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Also, don’t miss this post on the top wallpaper trends, it’s a good one!





photos by Nicole Cohen

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  1. I have a sample of Balboa Mist sitting on my non existent counter right now as its in the running with Edgecomb Gray for cabinetry! I love elephant's breath too!

    Published on 5.14.15 · Reply
  2. I love the elephants breath and have used it in a bath. Great tip for adding more white to it is give it a new look.

    Published on 5.14.15 · Reply
  3. I have elephants breath in the bedroom and it's very calming

    Published on 5.14.15 · Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I just used Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl in an office and it looks DIVINE, a perfect neutral but so elegant!

    Published on 5.15.15 · Reply
  5. I also used Elephant's Breath in my project before. It's a great backdrop paint which you can build on and create a scheme unique to your client! Can I just ask? Valspar just entered the UK market . Have you got any experience with this brand? Thanks.

    Published on 5.24.15 · Reply
  6. Hannah wrote:

    Hi! Where is your beautiful coffee table from?

    Published on 6.13.18 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Hi! Thanks, its from Lillian August:)

      Published on 6.14.18 · Reply
  7. Jill wolder wrote:

    So pretty and sophisticated. Can you give me any info on art piece over fireplace. Thank you. Jill wolder

    Published on 4.18.19 · Reply
    • Sue wrote:

      Yes. Thanks, the artist is Amanda Talley.

      Published on 4.18.19 · Reply
  8. Jill wrote:

    Hi, I love your carpet or stair runner in the first photo. Can you tell me where to find it? Thanks!

    Published on 4.18.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks!Its from Stark Carpet! more info is on a post called Frequently Asked Questions!:)

      Published on 4.19.19 · Reply
  9. Pamela wrote:

    Balboa Mist is my fall back color. I have used it in both of our own homes as well. It has just enough warmth to keep it from going cold and just enough depth to give it a nice contrast to white trim.

    Published on 4.18.19 · Reply
  10. JoInCt wrote:

    Have used Edgecomb Gray all over the house! First in entryway and up the stairs and the upstairs hallway. Then while going crazy selecting a color for the redone master bath, I leaned some samples of tile and flooring against the wall, and there it was! It reads taup-y in the hall, pinkish up the stairs and gray in the bath! Very versatile color!

    Published on 4.18.19 · Reply
  11. Idasco wrote:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing post with us and I really liked all the pro tips shared by you. Keep posting!

    Published on 4.19.19 · Reply
  12. Balboa Mist is one of my favorite colors to use as well! I’ve also used the 50% white trick before too; as an interior designer I recommend it to clients all the time when they love a color, but are afraid that it will be too dark for their room.

    Published on 6.11.19 · Reply
  13. Thank you for sharing this amazing post. Hope readers will like it. I really appreciate for putting such efforts.

    Published on 8.15.19 · Reply