Decorating With Baskets

decorative baskets storage solutions

basket holding firewood // original post of our living room here // paint colors


decorative baskets storage solutions


This isn’t the first time I’ve spoken about my love for baskets in the home. I’m sure it won’t be my last time either. My favorite storage solution is to always add a basket!

Almost every room in our house has at least one basket in it. Since I added a few more over the summer, I’d thought I’d dedicate a post to storage and decorative baskets here today.

A beautiful basket not only serves as a great way to store so many different things (toys, blankets, firewood) but they also add both warmth and  pretty textures to a space.




decorative baskets storage solutions



In my office I’ve got one big basket tucked in the corner holding a bunch of wallpaper rolls. One day maybe I’ll actually do something with these papers…but until then, I think they look pretty cute here!

decorative baskets storage solutions


Our family room is where we tend to hang out the most, so the baskets in here help not only to keep my (anemic) plants looking cute (above) but also hold a variety of Legos (this basket holds a bizzare amount of Legos) and throw blankets.

There once was a time I was actually trying to fold up throw blankets to display on the couch. This was a futile attempt at keeping this room neat.

As a result, now I just swoop them up and stash them in this basket. Looks so much better and it’s a lot less upkeep.


Serena and Lily baskets

laundry room storage baskets 

Laundry Room:

It’s no surprise that the laundry room has several baskets in it.

Everything from laundry to cleaning supplies to linens and towels get stored in a basket. All the details and sources including the “before and afters” of my laundry room can be found here.

steele laundry basket  //  wicker laundry basket  

favorite white towels

pantry baskets


The most baskets we own can be found in my pantry.

I took a quick iPhone pic to show how we use baskets to stay organized in the pantry. I almost re-took the photo to make the pantry look more photogenic. Since a few people mentioned in the recent reader survey how they wanted to see more “real life” – so I left this photo “as is.” The truth is I try very hard to stay this neat, and this is real life, but it’s not “perfect” magazine neat. It’s just real life neat and organized:)


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    Could you link your matchsticks type blinds in your living room? So cute! Thanks!

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