9 Quick and Easy Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counters

9 Quick and Easy Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counters



easy ideas to spruce up your bathroom counters


I can’t believe I’ve never done a post about quick and easy ideas to spruce up your bathroom counters before!

Creating these pretty little bathroom counter vignettes is one of my favorite decor related things to do.

Because it’s so easy to change the overall look of your bathroom counters with very little effort and time, it’s often my go to “zhush” when it comes to getting our home ready for guests or entertaining.

Most of these images show several of these ideas employed together. That’s the best part of this!

You can get creative and easily mix these ideas to match your own taste and style.

Here are my top nine bathroom spruces…





bathroom counter with fresh flowers to easily spruce it upclose up of our black glossy powder room


1. Fresh Flowers And Greenery


Fresh flowers will always elevate any space.

I’ll often just pick some blooms from our own back yard.

However, if this isn’t an option – like in the colder months, a simple flower or two from your local super market can easily do the trick.

If this seems like too much maintenance you can always place a pretty succulent or even a beautiful silk arrangement on your bathroom counter.


close up of flowers and Easy Ideas for Bathroom Countersthis is our master bathroom – image from this before and after post




2. Chic Trays


I can never get enough great looking trays for my home.

This thinking extends right onto my bathroom counters as well.

Trays are so great because they give everything a place.

Wrangle up some pretty vanity items and place them on a great looking small tray and you’re all set. 

I love how trays seem to add an air of tidiness by making your counters look neat and organized.


9 Quick and Easy Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Countersour guest bathroom counter, one room challenge- few years ago


3. Pretty Hand Soaps


For practical and hygienic purposes, I’m super partial to liquid hand soaps in all our bathrooms, not just the guest bathroom.

The good news is, most liquid soaps already come packaged in the prettiest containers, as is.

However, you can also opt to fill decorative liquid soap containers with your favorite product. We tend to both around here!


Monogram Towelsfrom our blue and white bathroom renovation



4. Monogram Towels


By now, long time readers will know I love a pretty monogram linen. These personalized hand towels above are some of my favorites.

In fact, I did a whole post about these monogram pieces for the home. My favorite source for this is Etsy!



Invest in Fancy Candles



5. Invest in Fancy Candles


Can you ever have too many candles?

The answer of course is no! Especially if you’re looking to add a little style to your bathroom counters.

A beautiful little candle in the powder room will always be appreciated and of course looks great!

Go the extra mile and add a cute little decorative matchbox next to your candle. These are some of my latest favorites.



close up of flowers and Easy Ideas for Bathroom Counters



6. Personalized Accessories


Along with monogram towels, I also love a pretty monogram tissue box

But, that’s my own taste.

You might prefer a more modern, streamlined accessory. The point is to personalize this little area to the best of your own style.

There’s no limit to what this means. From pretty framed photos to art, to a cool little vignette of perfume bottles.

Get creative with this little space.



Easy Ideas Bathroom Counters



7. Organization


Once you know what you want to display on your bathroom counters, the trick is to neatly put away everything else.

Especially any unsightly bottles, lotions and so forth. This post has a lot more info for getting your bathroom in tip top organized shape!


Pretty Guest Towels


8. Pretty Guest Towels


While I do love a fancy monogram guest towel, the truth is I love disposable guest towels in the guest bathroom even more.

This is for when we’re entertaining over the holidays, especially in the cooler months, as paper guest towels will cut down on germs in this area dramatically!

You can find so many great looking options over on Amazon. I very partial to these stripe ones, displayed in this clear acrylic holder.



9 Quick and Easy Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counters



9. Attractive Boxes and Containers


Keep all your bathroom essentials in arms reach by storing them in attractive containers, meant for this very purpose!

I happen to love this set, but the options out there are endless!

Be sure to scroll through below to see even more picks…




Hopefully, you found these ideas helpful in getting you thinking about all the fun ways you can elevate and spruce up your own bathroom counters.

PS: Easy and quick updates for your bedroom decor.





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