Our New Home: House Tour Part Two

artwork: Hugo Guiness || light fixture thru Muse Interiors || Table, Chairs and Bench: Guy Chaddock

Yesterday, our new home here in Connecticut was featured over on Domaine.

I was so excited that I went ahead and posted a rare afternoon “double” post…yup, I can’t play it cool to save my life.

Today’s post is a bit more of our house, starting and ending with our new kitchen…since it was that fated “one room challenge” that had me scrambling to get Nicole Cohen up here so quickly to photograph this room after we moved in.

The day that Nicole came up we must’ve taken about a zillion images, so of course there will be a lot more photos of my house in the weeks to come, including a few before and afters.

I’m thrilled with the way that these came out, it’s hard to believe we’ve only been living here for exactly two months!


artwork: Amanda Talley || table: Lillian August || tray || balloon dog
artwork: Bertha Blumenthal (aka my Grandmother) || Olivia De Chiara (my daughter)
gold mirror via Maddie G Designs || two large blue and white ceramics || remaining blue and white ceramics: etsy || small wooden bookcase: vintage
Kohler tub || Cole &Son Mimosa wallpaper || Leontine linens towel || sheepskin rug || garden stool 


art: Isabel Bigelow || ginger jar: etsy
bench: vintage/found || ceramic urn || pillows
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  1. Looking great Sue! I am so impressed by all you have done in 2 short months…inspiring to say the least! And I cannot tell you how much I love seeing the brass hardware in the kitchen….fabulous!

    Published on 1.7.15 · Reply
  2. So Beautiful! The bathroom is my fav!

    Published on 1.7.15 · Reply
  3. Lovely! Can't wait to see more!

    Published on 1.7.15 · Reply
  4. ordinette wrote:

    How did you manage to get through the refurbishing of this amazing house in only two months?
    I am blown away by your style. Simply gorgeous!

    Published on 1.7.15 · Reply
  5. I love, love, love seeing all the details over and over again. I love your home! COngratulations my friend! ANd Nicole did an amazing job!

    Published on 1.7.15 · Reply
  6. I Dream Of wrote:

    Wow, Sue. Stunning and gorgeous. I love the personal touches – the dress worn by your mom and made by your grandmother. Priceless. Congratulations!

    Published on 1.7.15 · Reply
  7. Everything looks so amazing. I was enchanted with the brass handles in your kitchen. They are lovely..

    Published on 1.8.15 · Reply
  8. With all of your posts since moving, I never would have imagined you were publish-worthy at this point. Wow! Everything looks amazing. You are one Super-woman, Sue!

    Published on 1.8.15 · Reply
  9. What a beautiful home!
    I am flattered and delighted that the black box I designed is an addition to your GORGEOUS home!!!

    Published on 1.8.15 · Reply
  10. Sue, your new home is just stunning! It is amazing you did it in such a short time. Wow! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying your weekend in your beautiful home! xoxo

    Published on 1.10.15 · Reply
  11. Such a beautiful home, filled with wonderful details. Love all the personal things you've layered in (the art and dress in the hallway).

    Published on 1.12.15 · Reply
  12. 2 months? That's crazy! Everything looks beautiful, Sue, and I sure hope you're enjoying it all!

    Published on 1.14.15 · Reply