The Beauty Of Burl Wood

beautiful burl wood findsimage via Jean Stoffer Design



beautiful burl wood finds


Today I’ve rounded up some beautiful burl wood furniture and home decor finds.

I recently went down a rabbit hole with respect to this type of wood. Not sure at first what burl exactly was, here’s what I learned…

For starters, I originally thought the term was “burled” – only to find out what I was searching for is actually burl, for the burls on the trees.


How do burls form?


Trees which have undergone some sort of trauma, like a fungus, illness or infestation, often will form these burl growths. Technically these are deformed sections of the tree.

However, for over a century now, artisans, furniture makers and artists all saw the potential in this strange and often very strong wood. 

They sought out these growths due to the beautiful patterns in the wood.

Looking at all these stunning burl pieces today, it’s now easy to see why.


Burl furniture today.


Today we can appreciate the luxe look of this unusual wood formation.

First made popular in the early 1920s, from the looks of things, a full one hundred years later…it seems burl wood is having a moment again in home decor.

Let me know if you find these wood items as beautiful and interesting as I do!



beautiful burl wood findsBurl Box


beautiful burl wood finds

Burl Wood Mardel Side Table



beautiful burl wood findsMid-Century Burl Wood Bench and Mid-Century Burl Wood Bench




beautiful burl wood findsElinor Side Table




Roland Carter for Lane Furniture CompanyRoland Carter for Lane Furniture Company Burl Wood Dresser



Niche Burl Wood Console Table

Niche Burl Wood Console Table



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  1. Joanne Santoro wrote:

    I have a gorgeous vintage burl wood master bedroom set in my home in Florida. It was purchased by my mom, and as a child I never appreciated its beauty. Now as an adult, I am in love.

    Published on 1.28.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      That’s amazing! Love that:)

      Published on 1.28.20 · Reply
  2. Sonya King wrote:

    Hi Sue!
    Thank you for the lesson on burl wood. I didn’t have a clue but have always loved the wood. My grandmother has a dining table that is made out of it and then there is a high gloss protective coating over it. Absolutely beautiful. I have my eyes set on it!

    Published on 1.28.20 · Reply
  3. yes!! Love burl wood furniture and that fabulous green bug art!!

    Published on 1.28.20 · Reply
    • Denise P wrote:

      The bug print was my favorite item in the post!

      Published on 2.5.20 · Reply