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Our dining room is finally complete, after years of agonizing over one wall decor for one last wall!

mural wallpaper in dining room

Our Dining Room Reveal

After six years of living here in Connecticut it feels so great to finally say our dining area is done!

Long time readers might remember a post I did on our dining room back in 2018, when I was pondering what to do with one last wall.

I knew I didn’t want to leave the entire wall blank, despite the beautiful Susan Harter Mural wallpaper.

However, I was completely stumped with how to deal with this.

Artwork? Wall mirrors? Decorative mirrors? A gallery wall? Another large mirror?

The Inspiration

After years of trying out different ideas, furniture, lamps, art pieces – you name it, I was still perplexed.

I started asking everyone who came over their opinion on this wall (I’m a great hostess, lots of fun!)

Then I came across a great idea via a gorgeous image of a dining room with a mirrored wall by interior designers Douglas C. Davis and Associates.

The wallpaper was similar, which led me to believe I could do a version of this dining room look with various round types of mirrors on our own dining room walls.

I saved the image to my phone (as one does) and proceeded to pester anyone who would listen to me about this idea.

Including Fiona Leonard…who thankfully thought it was a good idea!

trying out paper plates on dining room mural wallpaper

The Installation

Thankfully, Fiona Leonard of Fiona Leonard Interiors was already here in my home working on my son’s room, because it was Fiona who gave me the courage to try to this idea out with our dining room decor.

Fiona convinced me to give it a try.

Finding these round small mirrors (in varying sizes) on sale (almost a perfect match) was the final push I needed for this, and I ordered them!

They turned out to be the perfect size!

Installation day arrived and Fiona came by to assist.

If I sound a little melodramatic, it’s because I was!

HELLO, imagine creating all these holes in this beautiful mural wallpaper only to decide later it was a big mistake?

Which explains the paper plate method I came up with at the last minute (above) in order to get a better sense of how things would shake out!

I used painters tape on the back and then only gently applied to the plates to the wall.

round mirrors in different sizes on mural wallpaper in dining room
The molding in our dining room is painted Benjamin Moore White Dove.

The Dining Room Reveal

Fortunately, it all worked out!

I’m thrilled with the finished look here and the way this all came together.

These mirrors make such a big impact and provide a beautiful focal point for the entire room.

Not only do they create the illusion of more space (like most mirrors do) but they also really enhance the natural light of the room.

The extra light creates a subtle yet dramatic effect at night which I love.

While I’m still enamored with the idea of using a grid of Intaglios somewhere in our home, I’m so glad we went with these round convex mirrors here.

The wall never looked fully finished to me before and now it has a cohesive look with the rest of the room.

They really were the best choice.

I had Julia Dags come photograph the whole room to give you a better sense of it.

The whole thing is also documented over on Instagram in my story highlights.

full view of zhush dining room

Additional Dining Room Decor

Our gold framed mirror above the fireplace is by Carver’s Guild.

I’ve included almost all the sources to our dining space decor below.

The dining chairs and dining table are both pretty old, the table was the first piece of furniture we purchased when we bought our first house, close to 18 years ago!

However, since I always get questions about our dining room chairs, I did want to mention the style; it’s a Klismos chair.

This is a fairly popular traditional chair style, if you want to try searching for similar. I’ve rounded up a few below as well.

traditional living room with fireplace
ten person dining room table
I’ve linked our light fixture here. The piece of art and accent pieces here are mostly vintage.

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  1. R knight wrote:

    nope, you covered a beautiful mural with round, silver, bubbles. not a fan

    Published on 10.14.23 · Reply
  2. eileen wrote:

    Hello and Thank You for your beautiful web site
    Could you share some information on the chandelier in the dinning room
    Thank You

    Published on 2.16.22 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks so much. The light fixture is linked under a photo of our dining room table. It’s linked where the print is red. You can click it and it will take you to the source…plus it’s on sale.

      Published on 2.16.22 · Reply
  3. sharon wrote:

    Hi! Beautiful! Where is the wallpaper from??

    Published on 12.31.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Hi, It’s by Susan Harter murals.

      Published on 1.4.22 · Reply
  4. Jill wolder wrote:

    Beyond lovely! And info/ source on black and gold plate on table? Thanks jill

    Published on 9.20.21 · Reply
  5. Jill wolder wrote:

    Just perfect! Can you tell me about bowl/centerpiece on table, please. Thank you.

    Published on 4.20.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks! It’s an Italian pottery line called Dolfi.

      Published on 4.20.21 · Reply