Front of House Lighting Ideas You’re Going To Love

Wondering about some front of house lighting ideas?

Creative outdoor lighting ideas can help transform the front of your home’s exterior.

brick house with outdoor lighting.

Curb appeal and safety are two great reasons to look into a great landscape lighting plan for your home exterior.

Iluminating the front of your house will keep your walkways safer and give your home a design boost to boot.

Explore these landscape lighting ideas for your front yard, walkways, garage, and more. 

Front Door Lighting

The front door is most likely your main entryway into your house, so welcome yourself and guests into your home with gorgeous exterior lights. 

brick house with front door lighting.

Hanging lights like wall sconces by your front door will provide enough light, so you’re not fumbling around for your house key in the dark.

Another great option is an overhead light hanging fixture.

Hanging lighting fixtures work especially well for tall entryways and porches. 

Garage Lighting (Exterior)

Garage lighting is a great way to brighten your driveway.

To illuminate your garage door, add outdoor fixtures higher up on the garage door. 

Garage lights also come in handy when you’re driving home at night, and the front of the house is dark.

white clapboard and stone home with exterior lights.

Flood lights are great for illuminating larger spaces, like the driveway.

If you have a larger driveway, go for single- or two-bulb flood lights.

Some flood lights are motion-activated and are particularly useful for driveways and garage doors. 

Path Lights

Path lights illuminate walkways in the evenings and at night.

This additional light source makes your home safer and more inviting for visitors.

Path lights are usually placed around 10 to 15 feet apart, and they often add an extra design element to the front of your house during the day, even when they’re not lit. 

Different types of path lights. 

Garden Lights – Ideal for garden pathway ideas.

Path lighting fixtures usually come with a shade and stand around 18 to 24 inches tall. 

Downlights – Downlights look similar to garden lighting, but the bulb is more of a warm light and disguised to keep bright lights out of your eyes. 

Bollard Lights – These outdoor lights provide 360-degree lighting.

Bollard lights look like a vertical pole with the light source at the top. 

String Lights

Even though string lights are not traditionally used in the front of the home, I have seen instances where they can create beautiful focal points if your home has some unique architectural details, like a pergola or trellis arch.

If you’re looking to draw attention to these architectural elements, string lights might be an easy option.

house lit up with landscape lights.

Solar Lights

Speaking of easy options, solar lights have gotten SO good in the past few years.

We’re using them with great success in our back yard.

In fact, we love how low cost and easy these lights are so much, we’re now considering ordering several more to use as pathway lights.

These are the small round solar ones we used, and these are the solar lights in the back row.

We went with the “warm” option for both of these.

Porch Lighting Ideas

If you have a front porch, adding the proper lighting can help you make the most out of the space.

For example, an outdoor fan light can help keep you cool while enjoying the porch while providing ample light at night. 

Another option could be porch lights with motion sensors.

That way, whenever the lights detect movement, they’ll automatically turn on.

Low Voltage Lights

Low voltage or LED lights can help brighten your outdoor area while remaining energy-efficient and cost-effective.

However, keep in mind that low voltage doesn’t indicate low-light or low-impact. 

If you have ample outdoor space or your design concept requires a lot of individual lights, low voltage lights are an easy way to keep your energy costs down while still creating a strikingly illuminated yard.

Landscape Lights or Well Lighting 

Finally, well lights or recessed ground lights are designed to be placed directly in the ground.

This landscape lighting idea can help brighten your front yard, flower beds and garden areas while highlighting shrubs, trees, plants, and other decorative features around the front of your home.

If you have some tall trees, the effect of these lights can be very dramatic.

landscape lights at brick house.

Security Lighting

Of course, regardless of where you live, it’s a good idea to have some flood lights as part of your homes’ exterior lighting plan.

Security lights which are set to go off on a timer or when they sense motion are another great thing to incorporate into your outdoor light fixtures.

outdoor wall lights to add aesthetic appeal

This is a great way to accentuate architectural features of the exterior of your home and also create an interesting night time focal point.

Especially if you have exterior walls made out of brick or stone.


I hope you found some great outdoor landscape lighting ideas and inspiration here.


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