Antelope Prints in Home Decor – Sources and Ideas

Antelope prints in home decor – always a popular topic around here.

Also sometimes referred to as deer or fawn prints, these antelope prints are also one of my favorite patterns, as you can clearly see.

Classic Antelope Print on stairs

Antelope Prints in Home Decor

I get so many questions about this chic print, especially our stair runners.

Today I thought I’d just go ahead and dedicate a whole post to this classic pattern.

Trends by their very nature, come and go…and then usually circle back again!

However, just like in fashion – there are some things that truly never really go out of style.

Of course I’m talking about antelope prints in home decor.

This nature inspired neutral pattern complements SO many different interior design styles, it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

If you too love this perennially stylish print, today’s  post will be right up your ally.


Havanese puppy on staircaseCosmo as a puppy posing on our back staircase.

Antelope Pattern Staircase Runners

Carpets with an Antelope print are probably the most popular way to implement this pattern in the home.

To that end, I think stair runners are the most popular way to use antelope carpets in the home.

However, I’m obviously very partial here.

The top photo is of our old stair runner in our former home.

I love this stair runner so much, I went with it again, only even more so – in our current home here in Connecticut.

This cute photo of our dog, Cosmo  –  reminds me to add how great this carpet is for hiding dirt in high traffic areas and of course also ideal for pet owners!

antelope print stairrunner

gray staircase wall with animal print stair runner rugLearn more about the gray paint on the walls in our back staircase here.

I selected this beautiful pattern for our back stair case (above) and also for the stairs which lead to our attic (seen below.)

antelope print stair runnner in home Stairs to our finished attic.

antelope print in mudroom our mud room runner  – read more about the white paint color we chose here.

Antelope Carpets and Runners

In addition to our stairs, I also went with this fun carpet in our mudroom hallway.

It’s not only pretty, and great for hiding dirt, but it’s also super durable.

Our carpet is from Stark, but there’s a lot of great looking less expensive options available.

I’ve gone ahead and featured several here.

This one below from Ballard is a great option.

antelope print carpetFawn animal print carpet from Ballard Design

antelope print fabricFawn print fabric from Ballard Design

Other ways to incorporate Antelope Patterns into your home.

In addition to stair case runners and carpets, adding throw pillows with antelope prints is another great way to incorporate this chic pattern into your home decor.

Below are two of my favorite examples.

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blue antelope print pillows on beige couchAntelope linen throw pillows in spa blue from Shop Little Design Co.

Don’t you love the way this print looks in a pale blue?

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding some beautiful antelope decorative pillows to our living roo.

Haven’t hit the purchase button on this one yet, only because I’m worried about having too much of this beloved pattern in our home!

front entry decor in home with antelope print ottomanSkirted ottoman in antelope linen by Shop Little Design Co.


So there you have it, at least four fun ways to use this classic yet funky pattern in the home.

There’s even more ideas out there, but these are my favorite ways to use and see antelope prints in the home.

Weather you call this fawn or antelope or deer print,  there’s no denying it’s a popular animal print pattern for home decor.

Almost as popular as leopard print patterns.

Fellow antelope print lovers, I’d love to see how you use this pattern in your own homes, let me know!

By the way, you can always see more of our current home here.

As always, if you have more questions, please feel free to shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

I always try my best to answer them.

Which reminds me… I’ve already answered two very popular questions: my three favorite white trim paint colors, and the best white paints to use on your kitchen cabinets – just in case you too are wondering.

antelope print throw pillow Stone antelope lumbar pillow in linen.

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PS: How to decorate a staircase wall.


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  1. Nancy wrote:

    Love this! I had ordered the gray Ballard for my living room but had to return it bc it shed like crazy so be forewarned! I have dogs with lots of accidents so ended up getting the flor tiles antelope and it looks surprisingly decent for this elderly dog / puppy phase!

    Published on 4.29.20 · Reply
  2. Marianne wrote:

    Hi Sue:

    Just ordered the Ballard Design Rug! I have a question, the is an art print in the One King’s Lane feature of your home — Two woman walking with buildings in the background, I think it may be a cover of Vogue Magazine. Do you know the source? I think you may have featured it long ago?

    Published on 4.30.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Yes, funny enough I just featured it on my Instagram stories. It is from Vogue, they sell their photo prints in their archives, I think through ? google archives? good luck!

      Published on 4.30.20 · Reply
  3. Overzetdak wrote:

    Wow!! Looks so beautiful.

    Published on 4.30.20 · Reply
  4. carole seibel wrote:

    I am looking at several Stark options for my staircase. I just ordered a few samples. It is a curved staircase that opens up into a large area and two bedrooms. What would you suggest for those areas? Would I carry the antelope carpet throughout or would it be too busy?

    Published on 5.2.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I’m not sure, I happen to love the print, so I don’t find it too busy at all. Maybe continue into the large areas and leave the bedrooms out. For the bedrooms go with large area rugs? good luck!xx

      Published on 5.3.20 · Reply