Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Style

What are some easy ways to refresh your bedroom style?
Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Stylephotos via @zhush

Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Style:

Today I’m sharing a few time tested tips and easy ideas to elevate and refresh your bedroom style.
You don’t need to over complicate it.
That’s why these five easy ways to refresh your bedroom style are key!
Like most decor related concepts, it’s always best to keep it simple!

1. When it comes to bedroom style, less is more.

Try to limit any and all clutter.

Start by clearing out everything and then edit your accessories to the bare minimum.

Nightstands with drawers ( these are the ones we have in our beach house) are your friend.

You can see a whole round up of my favorite night stands and bedside tables here.

In a pinch, under bed baskets and decorative boxes are a great way to store away items.

2. Refresh your bedroom with greenery.

Whether it’s fresh flowers or a little easy to maintain succulent plant, a dose of greenery in the bedroom is a lovely thing to wake up to.

It also gives the space a clean, soothing vibe.

Bonus points because fresh plants actually clean the air you breathe!

3. Go with solid, neutral colors.

One neutral color palette in the bedroom is an easy way to give the room a light, open and airy feeling.
I tend to love grass cloth wallpapers and I’m super partial to all white bedding.

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Style

4. Silk pillowcases.

slip silk pillowcase

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned my silk pillow case LOVE and I’m sure it won’t be the last.
I’m obsessed with mine!
Great for your skin and your hair plus they feel so nice.

5. Pick a few favorite accessories and highlight them.

A pretty scented candle, a luxe throw, a few fun books which speak to your passions (find several beautiful ones here) and you’re good to go!
Bonus idea: Because pillows and bedrooms seem to go hand in hand, you might want to check out this post full of great ideas on how to mix and match throw pillows



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