How to Mix and Match Throw Pillows On A Sofa

If you’re wondering how to mix and match throw pillows on your sofa, today’s post is for you!

Let’s break it down…

textured throw pillows styled on a neutral sofa

How to Mix and Match Pillows on a Sofa

When you’re putting the finishing touches on your living area, throw pillows are the best way to top things off.

Decorative pillows are also one of the easiest ways to update a space, as they are the perfect way to add color and texture to any room.

And, to make things even better, they’re easily interchangeable.

Beautiful pillows can give your room a whole new look.

Whether its larger pillows, using different colors or simply focusing on one main color – today we’ll tackle all of your pillow combo questions.

Changing the decorative pillows on your couch or sectional sofa is such an easy way to refresh your whole space.

If you’re looking for a quick way to change up your living room, throw pillows are of course a good starting point.

blue and white throw pillows styled on a blue couch Our family room couches with lumbar pillow and square matching throw pillowsusing pairs of matching pillows like this is my personal favorite throw pillow combination.

Family room wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Calm.

Family room trim color is Benjamin Moore White Dove.

These are a few tips and tricks to use when you’re deciding which pillows to purchase.

How many throw pillows for a couch?

Most interior designers will tell you to aim for an odd number of pillows, with 3 or 5 pillows vs. 2 or 4.

However, odd numbers as a general rule of thumb, is not really a one-size-fits-all solution.

Depending on your furniture size or your style, an even number of pillows might look best.

What size pillows do I need?

You’ll also have spacing issues to consider.

With smaller furniture, you’ll of course need to consider pillow size and opt for smaller pillows.

Conversely, larger furniture will need the largest pillows .

Ultimately, you have to decide what works best for both looks and function.

sectional neutral couch with perfectly styled colorful throw pillowsBe sure to scroll through to the bottom for a full round up of my favorite couch pillows.

How to Arrange Accent Pillows On A Couch or Sofa?


1. What color and style throw pillows to use.

Throw pillows make it so easy to throw in a splash or pop of color into any space.

This can be just an accent color or it can also be the main colors in your overall design.

A solid pillow as your colorful accent can typically incorporate your style in a way that isn’t too overwhelming or permanent.

A good rule of thumb is to pick a more neutral color and combine it with a bold color or brighter fun color.

This way there’s a break in the color scheme and it’s not too much of the same thing.

2. Mix textures.

You can always use texture and shine to add some extra visual interest to your decor.

This is another great way to break up your color scheme without resorting to“boring” colors.

Try a cream pillow with an oversized knit or a boucle texture.

You can even try something with a little shine to accompany your color choice.

When it comes to adding a fun texture, faux fur pillows are another great option.

collage of neutral throw pillows with various texturesExamples of neutral colors on throw pillows and pillow covers in a variety of textures.

3. Mix shapes.

Don’t feel like a standard size square is your only option when it comes to shapes.

You can mix things up for added interest with different sizes.

Circles, rectangles, lumbar pillows and even round sphere ball pillows are all beautiful shapes for throw pillows and or a throw pillow cover.

Getting a little creative with pillow shapes will also add visual interest to your overall interior design.

Better yet, they’ll be more unique, which means they’ll give your home a much more personalized look.

4. Mix of patterns.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your solid color pillows with some different patterns.

Of course you should mix up different textures too.

From geometric patterns to floral fabrics and more, you’ll want to first nail down your color palette, in order to get a cohesive look.

Here’s a whole bunch of great ideas on mixing and matching throw pillow patterns, along with some great advice on how to pick the right pillow inserts.

blue throw pillows on couchSofa pillows pro tip: Last, but not least – when your arranging throw pillows on your couch or sofa, be sure to give them a good fluff and then a karate chop right down the center of your square pillows.

Mix and Match Your Decorative Throw Pillows on a Sofa: Conclusion

Hopefully, you found some great ideas on how to mix and match throw pillows on a sofa today.

Throw pillows are the simplest way to switch things up and keep your living area looking updated.

They’re so easy to switch out and replace if you get tired of the look or feel of them.

However, they can also last for years if you love them.

Your throw pillows can elevate your design and give you plenty of options for customization and periodic changes as your taste change.

Not to mention, they make everything a little more comfortable and cozy!

Selecting your throw pillows might be a process, but when you find the right ones, you’ll love the results.

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      Thanks so much. They’re over 12 years old, and they were a custom order. I think the company is Lee Industries.

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