12 Home Project Ideas Using Penny Tiles

Penny tiles are a great way to add a lot of style to your home without spending a lot of money.



penny tile floor in our blue and white bathOur blue and white bathroom with navy penny tiles – view the before and after pics here!


12 Chic Examples of Penny Tiles



Interior design enthusiasts are constantly looking for new and creative ways to incorporate visual interest into the details of their home.

Penny tiles are a great way to accomplish this.

These smaller tiles can give you the chance to add colors and patterns into your home’s decor.

If you’re looking for a way to add this popular design element into your home, today’s post is a great place to start!



black penny tile wall in powder roomReal Simple


Where to Use Penny Tiles

Penny tiles are a perfect options for a variety of uses in your home, from kitchen backsplashes to shower floors to bathroom floors.

Penny tile is a versatile option that can be used almost anywhere in your home to enhance and customize your interior design.

The great thing about penny tiles are the highly customizable design options.

These tiles can enhance almost any room.

Feel free to get creative!


kitchen backsplash with white penny tilesTiffany Weiss Interior Design



penny tiles in pattern on laundry room floorThistlewood Farms


white penny tiles on laudry room backsplashInterior Design Magazine


Create a Pattern

With small tiles, you can come up a completely unique pattern by using different colors or shapes to develop your own ideas.

You can create a black and white penny tile pattern for a play on a vintage checkerboard style.

The possibilities are endless.

However, I’m super partial to the classic black flower design on an all white round tile back ground.

Porcelain mosaic tiles are both beautiful and budget friendly.


pretty black and white penny tile pattern on laundry room floorFarmhouse Vernacular


stripes on shower walls created with penny tilesThreshold Interiors



Add Words

Penny tiles are a fantastic way to get a little whimsical in your home.

Perfect for both the wall and floor, these ceramic tiles are a great alternative to more costly options.

Small round penny tiles afford a lot of different layout ideas, including the ability to spell out words!

You can embed your last name, the word “wash” in front of your bathtub, or any other detail you’d like right into your bathroom floor tile!

The words will pop against the background of neutral tiles and give your home a very personal touch.

I love seeing this type of creativity in tile design, don’t you?


penny tile floor which spells girls and boys in jack and jill bathroomStyle At Home




penny tile on laundry room floorHouzz



white penny tiles used all over in bathroomDomino


Play With Color

Smaller tiles mean that you can incorporate a brighter color into the design without overwhelming the space.

To tie your favorite color into your floor, or wall tile, scatter some brightly colored tiles in with some more neutral colored tiles.

You can create a mosaic and make the colors really pop against the grout as well.

Most home improvement stores (like Home Depot, for example) offer an endless array of colors for these tiles.

Once you start to experiment with different ideas, you’ll see how versatile these basic tiles can be…

In addition to a wide assortment of colors, these tiles come in a variety of finishes as well, from glossy to matte and in between.



sea foam green penny tile wall in bathroomTile Bar

I love how these colorful tiles in the example above allow this stunning bathroom mirror to take center stage.


blue and white powder room with wallpaper and blue penny tile backsplashDomino


white pennny tile showerHouzz

Another great look is a combination of both subway tile and penny rounds together.

Sticking to all one color keeps this design from looking too busy.

We recently added penny tiles to the floor of our beach house shower.

Stay tuned for a post on the before and afters of this bathroom, coming soon!

We chose to use these tiles for a shower floor for a number of reasons, but it was only after install when we realized the positive safety aspect of this type of floor.

The extra grout needed along with the matte surface of the tiles we chose makes our new shower floor a lot less slippery!

Something to consider when opting for new tiles.


PS: Another fun way to add prints to your home, antelope carpets and fabrics!


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