The Best Hardwood Flooring Trends

What are the best hardwood flooring trends for this year?

dark hardwood floors in kitchen of large home.
Our hardwood floors in a dark custom walnut stain.

A new year brings new top flooring trends.

Today we’re going to take a look at a few great flooring options you may want to consider.

Flooring in the home creates the backdrop to our home’s design and overall aesthetic.

These days, there are many stylish floor options to choose from.

No matter how much time passes, hardwood flooring continues to be popular—even if it just means using materials which mirror its appearance.

Let’s explore some of the latest trends in hardwood flooring in 2023!

empty room with hardwood floors in a natural stain.
Natural stained wood floors.

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The Natural Look

Hardwood floors have been one of the top flooring trends throughout the ages, and the classic style they are known for continues to shine.

Investing in hardwood floors that allow the natural look of the wood and its colors to show through will be a wonderful addition to any home.

The classics are always in style!

This transparent Minwax white wash stain is a great way to achieve this natural look.

laminate flooring in beach house renovation project
The luxury vinyl planks we used on a renovation project in Rhode Island.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Vinyl plank flooring is a very popular option that offers a versatile appearance at a more affordable price.

In fact, the introduction of luxury vinyl planks is quickly changing how homeowners feel about vinyl options in general.

Luxury vinyl planks are a great way to get all of the benefits of vinyl while enjoying the overall look of hardwood floors.

They can also often offer a softer texture, improved durability, and more effective noise insulation than traditional hardwood floors.

These planks offer beautiful designs at a level of quality that surpasses your typical vinyl flooring.

Find out more about our own experience with laminate flooring.

wide plank hardwood floors on second floor of home hallway.
Our wide plank hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors With Wide Planks

Planks have been fairly uniform in design throughout the ages, with one or two popular sizes filling most spaces.

However, this year’s new trend seems to be wider planks—planks that are intentionally cut in a way that is noticeably wider than standard designs.

Personally I think this is a very upscale look and I know this style will stand the test of time.

Wide planks are wonderful for bringing new personality to a typical room design.

They offer the same great benefits of standard hardwood floors while bringing a new look which really stands out.

Wide plank floors are available in a variety of natural colors, these planks can be added to plenty of modern designs.

Herringbone wood floors in a bedroom.
Herringbone wood floors.

Hardwood Floors With Herringbone Patterns

When it comes to flooring choice, you really can’t go wrong with a herringbone pattern.

A timeless look which has gotten quite popular again in recent years.

This pattern for wooden floors continues to remain a popular choice amongst interior designers, especially for foyers and kitchen floors, making it more of classic at this point.

I’ve also seen this implemented in a dining room, and it really stood out as a great feature in the space.

This is one of those hardwood flooring trends that keep on coming back, and it is easy to see why—the design continues to shine, even across generations.

With herringbone patterns, you can get the benefits of natural materials with a more stylish twist.

Rustic wood floors in a modern home.
Example of rustic wood floors in a more modern setting.

The Rustic Look

Rustic decor is continuing to gain popularity, with many people choosing this approach to design various rooms around the home.

To match this, homeowners can also invest in hardwood or laminate flooring which offers a rustic look and matches this decor perfectly.

Of course, this is a great option for mountain and ski homes and spaces which lend themselves to a more rustic lifestyle.

Rustic flooring often blends neutral colors and the appearance of natural materials with just the right amount of polish.

This look leans more on the natural appearance of wood while still providing that final finish that makes modern flooring so great.

White Oak

One last popular hardwood flooring trend to consider is white oak.

While more of a floor color, than an actual style, the overall look of white oak floors is starting to gain momentum over dark colors.

These natural wood floors are the best way to achieve an overall modern look in a space.

In more minimal modern style homes, this type of flooring can lend a bit of visual interest to a more monochromatic space.


The types of flooring you choose for your home is a lasting commitment to the future of its appearance.

Whether you decide to invest in natural hardwood flooring in more traditional styles or you use luxury vinyl planks that offer the same great look, you can celebrate nature’s beauty using the floors of your home.

Be sure to explore your options to find the perfect match for your space!

Hopefully, you found this post helpful.

Any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

I’ll be happy to answer them.

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