Benjamin Moore Linen White – A versatile white you can use throughout your home

Got a few questions about Benjamin Moore Linen White.

These came in shortly after posting about the best creamy wall paint colors to use in your home.

Since Linen White was one of these colors, a few people asked if I could show more examples and discuss it further here.

linen white on mudroom walls

Benjamin Moore Linen White

I really enjoy writing these paint review posts, probably because I know the frustration involved with searching for the right wall paint color, first hand.

So, I’m more than happy to talk about Linen White here today.

Starting with the walls in our mudroom hallway, which are of course Benjamin Moore Linen White.

The reason I think so many people choose Linen White for their walls is twofold.

First off, it’s a warm, beige white, yet (despite it’s hint of yellow undertones) doesn’t have a lot of yellow in it.

In fact, you’d never confuse this color with a warm yellow.

Due it’s creamy, warm undertones, this color works so beautifully with neutral palettes.

As you can see here in our mudroom, it looks great with the browns and tans in our antelope pattern rug.

This is a soft cream wall color which also contrasts perfectly with our dark brown hardwood floors.

The trim and built ins here in our mudroom, are painted in my favorite white, Benjamin Moore White Dove.

This post has the best white paint trim paint colors to use in your home.

Linen White on walls of farmhouse living room by Warner Walker Architects.

It’s considered a very versatile color for a reason!

Linen White looks great with modern, transitional, traditional, cottage, farmhouse – you get the picture!

This is exactly why so many professional designers love to use it so much.

Is Linen White a good wall paint color?

The short answer is YES!

Here’s why…

I think it’s such a beautiful soft , warm white which works in so many different style homes.

Ultimately you need to really love it.

Before you begin painting your walls, I can’t recommend trying it out first as a sample in your home enough.

Maybe this seems so obvious, but even the surrounding light from one from one room to another can differ.

Live with a few samples for a few days before making your final decision.

Test it in natural and artificial light too!

Benjamin Moore Linen White samplize paint sample
Samplize self adhesive paint sample of Linen White.

I always recommend using these Samplize adhesive paint samples.

The Samplize non-damaging adhesive backing allows for viewing in multiple locations and in different lighting without marking up your walls! Produced with genuine manufacturer paint.

Such a brilliant product!

No messy paint cans and brushes to deal with!

If you’re at all curious, you can check them out and order them here.

I tend to use a lot of Benjamin Moore paints, but I have nothing against Farrow and Ball or Sherwin Williams paint, or any other well known paint brand.

Dining room painted in Linen White via Ballard Design

I’ve been told this color is most similar to Sherwin Williams Alabaster, if you want to sample this as well, but I’ve never used this one.

These brands all offer similar options and can be found over on Samplize as well!

I hope you found this post helpful.

If you do end up using BM Linen White OC-146 in your home, let me know! I’d love to see it.

paint sample of Benjamin Moore Linen White

What Color Goes Well With Benjamin Moore Linen White?

Earth tones, neutrals, dark brown and blacks look best with Linen White.

I also love how deep charcoal grays and dark navy blues look with this creamy white paint color.

Linen White is also a great paint color choice for kitchen cabinets.

Don”t miss this post if you’re looking for the best exterior white paint color choices.

In addition, if you’re looking for more of a true white, check out this paint color review of Benjamin Moore White OC-151.

Family room by Dresser Homes in Linen White.

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

I’ve already answered a popular inquiry on which paint finish to choose in this post, just in case your wondering:)

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Additional Creamy White Paint Color Inspiration:

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  1. wendy westberry wrote:

    I’m looking for a linen color that works well in a limited light living room. I want something that’s more true to the “linen” color. Can you help?

    Published on 10.27.23 · Reply
  2. Carie Heller wrote:

    I have linen white trim and am trying to pick a neutral light wall color. Any suggestions?

    Published on 10.4.23 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Have you looked at cumulus cloud by Benjamin Moore?

      Published on 10.5.23 · Reply
  3. Melissa wrote:

    Hi! I love all your posts! I am in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel due to a washing machine flood. I will be getting all new cabinets and countertops. My home has a ton of crown and wainscoting. It is all painted linen white along with the doors. Can you suggest a cabinet and wall color to compliment the linen white? I want to stay very neutral. Thanks so much!

    Published on 9.8.23 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Hi, SO sorry about the flood! If you don’t want to repeat the linen white in a different finish on the cabinets, which could look lovely, I would try sampling BM OC-151 or white dove.
      Good luck!

      Published on 9.9.23 · Reply
  4. Judy wrote:

    I love your blog. I also am considering using Linen White by Benjamin Moore for my living room and kitchen in my townhome. I have windows on only one side of my home and they face east. I have the90’s golden oak cabinets and trim. I cannot change them at this time. How would linen white look? I am struggling to find a neutral color. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Published on 7.23.23 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Without seeing this, my gut is telling me you might want to consider a brighter white, like Decorator White.

      Published on 7.30.23 · Reply
  5. Lee Tucker wrote:

    My bedroom has freshly painted trim and ceiling moldings and built-in bookcases painted in Benjamin Moore linen white. The room is small, so I’d like to keep the room on the lighter side. What color would you recommend? We had painted samples of six BM colors and narrowed it down to alabaster and white diamond. However, I’m concerned that the Linen White may end up looking more yellow with either of the two colors. Does anyone have any suggestions other than painting all of the trim, moldings and bookshelves a white? The room was a medium blue before which made the room look dark and small and the built-in bookcases were a cherry color. Should I just paint everything linen white and decorate from there or try a color that complements the linen white and doesn’t make it look yellow. The room is south westerly facing. The house is a very modern and renovated tudor.

    Published on 6.2.23 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I would go with linen white everywhere.Seems like the safest best, and add color with art and decor.

      Published on 6.7.23 · Reply
  6. Pat wrote:

    Just my opinion; but I painted my family room Linen White a few years back when I heard that Mark Hampton was obsessed with this color. I hate it! The room has high ceilings and a lot of natural light. It looks to me like dirty yellow. Almost like the old nicotine stained walls of the past. I look forward to when I can justify repainting it.

    Published on 3.9.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Oh no! That sounds pretty bad – but I really appreciate this type of feedback, so thanks!

      Published on 3.9.21 · Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      Hello. Glad to find a recent discussion on Linen White! Our previous home owner painted our kitchen cabinets and the family room fireplace built ins Linen White (open floor plan),but left all the trim Extra White. The Linen White has a very strong yellow cast; like you said, much like cigarette smoke stained walls you Contrast isn’t the word for the Linen White/Extra White combo; it’s more like conflict. Trouble is the flagstone fireplace dominates the space with its browns/grays/rust, so I see why she felt she had to go with Linen White. Trying to decide if I should paint all the cabinets/built ins, or paint all the trim.

      Published on 4.2.21 · Reply
  7. Meta wrote:

    How do I post a photo to Zhush design
    I thought I did it correctly but it posted to just Facebook

    Published on 3.9.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      It is just a facebook group, so I’m not entirely sure what your asking?

      Published on 3.9.21 · Reply
  8. Gray Maher wrote:

    I LOVE Linen White. I have used it as the unifying color in my home. It is in every room, except for one. (Where I used it, but at 50% tint, which whitens it slightly, to work with a new bathroom.) I have used it with Monroe Bisque, Palladium Blue, Sage Tint, and Grey Wisp. And wallpaper – lots of wallpaper. Love it.!

    Published on 3.9.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      That sounds so beautiful, actually I always think your comments sound so beautiful!:) Thanks!

      Published on 3.9.21 · Reply
      • Gray wrote:

        Aren’t you sweet?! ❤️ Thanks!

        Published on 3.9.21 · Reply
      • Gray wrote:

        I guess not everybody likes it. I feel like I should go scrub my walls and trim now. ? ?

        Published on 3.9.21 · Reply
        • Sue De Chiara wrote:


          Published on 3.10.21 · Reply