Eight Crazy Nights

Tonight marks the beginning of Chanukah.  In our house, this also means latkes!  Actually, these are one of my favorites…all year round.  They also get a gold star for being about one of the only foods that my entire family will eat.  While I’m admittedly not the best cook, I know I make these really well…so, I thought I’d share my recipe here. Included are also some fabulous “insider” tricks and tips (some passed down to me, others discovered after a few years on my own!). Happy Chanukah and ENJOY!

TIPS: The first, and most important: use a heavy cast-iron skillet, it must be seasoned, NOT new, to get the best results, but its the ONLY option (trust).  The next tip, don’t get fancy with your potatoes, while this recipe will work for any type, the best pancakes come from plain old Idaho or Russet potatoes.  Scrub ’em up, and you can even leave the peels on…you can! Best tip: throw away your first latke…consider it a sample to test the oil heat temp. Also, halfway through the batch, plan on changing your oil.  Finally, after you fry the latkes, drain them on brown paper shopping bags, turned inside out. It keeps them crispier than any paper towels!

RECIPE:  2 lbs. potatoes
                  1 yellow onion
                  2 eggs, beaten
                  1/2 cup matzo meal
                  2 tsp. Kosher salt
                  1/2 tsp. pepper
                  vegetable oil for frying

Grate potatoes and onion in a large bowl using a box grater. Place mixture in a strainer bowl and squeeze out extra liquid. Reserve liquid. Wait 2-3 minutes, the water will separate from the starch by rising to the top and the starch will be on the bottom of the bowl. Pour water out and save the starch. Place strained potatoes in a medium to large bowl. Fold in eggs, matzo meal, salt and pepper, and the reserved potato starch. Mix well.
Heat vegetable oil over medium heat. (oil should be roughly one inch deep in pan). Form 1/4 cup mixture into pancakes using a spoon and slide into oil. Let cook 6-9 minutes or until golden on one side and then flip. Continue for 6-9 minutes on the other side. Drain and serve. Makes approx. 18.

Images via: MarthaStewart

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  1. Bethany wrote:

    you just gave me the perfect IDEAR! i'm celebrating Christmas with latkes this year. cross-cultural but too good to be for hannakah only.



    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  2. Oh yum! Such a delicious tradition! We celebrated Channukah last year with my friends and it was one of the most delicious and fun nights!

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  3. YUM!! I'm embarrassed to say I don't think I've ever had latkes – I think I'm going to have to try your delicious sounding recipe!! Love the table setting – Ridgely had a beautiful menorah on her blog today too I think you would like!!

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  4. Thanks for the tips and the recipe. Love latkes.
    Happy Chanukah, Sue!

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  5. I love latkes! My uncle make the best! Happy Chanukah!


    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  6. Happy Holidays, Sue-Sue! Sending love and all the bestest wishes for a wonderful 2012!

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  7. Happy Hanukkah Sue! As a family that celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas too, we'll be lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel (with jelly beans to swap!) and having a special dinner this evening. I'm going to try you latkes for tomorrows dinner, as we have guests coming over to celebrate Hanukkah. I have been itching for a really good recipe (don't tell my MIL) so I'm excited that you shared yours! The image with the menorah on the bag reminds of the little bags I bought for my children's place settings this evening. XOXO.

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  8. Happy Chanukah! Those latkes look delicious. I'm for anything with potatoes.

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  9. Happy Chanukah! What a gorgeous tabletop! I LOVE latkes – could eat them all year long too ;D

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  10. Happy Hanukkah! This evening I am dedicating to latke making as we will be entertaining a couple of times this week. Enjoy the holidays.

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  11. Happy Hanukkah!! Thanks for sharing all of your festive ideas for the holiday! I hope you have a wonderful week of celebrations. Be sure to check out my giveaway on Twirling Clare xoxo

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  12. Happy Chanukah, Sue!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration!

    I've got a good ole seasoned cast iron skillet, so I'm going to put your recipe to the test! 🙂

    My mouth is watering already!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  13. serena wrote:

    Thanks for posting your recipe and tips! Latkes were always someone else's job, so I've never actually made them myself! It sounds like the cast iron skillet makes a big difference. My mom flash freezes them a week in advance so she has a clean stove on Hanukkah. She defrosts them and then reheats them in a hot oven. I have a friend who swears by the Trader Joe's frozen version – good for a backup in case you run out!
    Happy Hanukkah!

    Published on 12.20.11 · Reply
  14. happy chanukah! can't wait to try your recipe! I LOVE latkes!! xo, shari

    Published on 12.23.11 · Reply