Why You Should Paint Your Hardwood Floors – 5 Great Reasons!

Paint your hardwood floors?

Is this a good idea?

Sometimes, yes…you should!

Whether it’s a living room, kitchen floor, dining room, etc. painting your hardwood floor could be an excellent choice.

Here are five reasons why painting your hardwood floors is a great idea.

As for the images, these are all examples of various painted wood floors we’ve done in our home!

painted hardwood floors in poolhouseCheckerboard painted wood floor from our former home in New York.

Paint Your Hardwood Floors?

Refreshing your home’s look with a can of paint color is a tried and true re-decorating method.

One I love to talk about over here.

However, when you think about painting, you’re likely picturing a fresh coat of paint for the walls or doors or maybe even a piece of furniture.

We’ve discussed ceiling paints, kitchen cabinet paint colors, various Benjamin Moore interior paint wall colors and even trim and baseboard paint colors...

Not to mention, one of my favorite paint projects, our high gloss blue butler’s pantry!

So, it seems only natural to talk about this type of paint – floor painting today!

Especially because I happen to love this look.

As it happens, you can dramatically change your entire home’s look with an unexpected application of paint to your hardwood floors.

It might seem like an unlikely project, but painting your hardwood floors is a perfectly reasonable decorative paint idea.

It allows you to give your floors a refresh without spending too much time or money on the process.

So, if you’re considering a new home project, below are 5 good reasons why you should paint your hardwood floors.

1. It adds a pop of color.

This is a rather obvious point, but by painting your floors you are adding a pop of color!

You don’t have to stick with a neutral color palette.

Although, I do love the beachy look of all white floors.

In fact, if you’re going to paint the entire floor, it’s a great time to consider a more unconventional look.

Why not try a new color or a different color, one you couldn’t necessarily get from a normal stain or wood type.

painted wood staricase with stenciled numbers going upPainted back wood staircase with stenciled numbers from our former home in New York.

2. You can incorporate a pattern on your painted floor.

If you want to incorporate a pattern or artwork into your home, painting your floors is an inexpensive way to do it!

Many top interior designers love to incorporate this fun look into their designs.

You can create a checkerboard pattern using painter’s tape, inscribe your family’s name on the floor, or add a different personal touch to your space.

painted wood staircase in beach houseThe painted wood stairs in our former beach house project. Read more about this house here.

The wood floors (other than the painted stairs) are actually laminate flooring – you can find out more here.

3. It’s an inexpensive project.

All you need for this type of home renovation project is a couple of cans of paint, (preferably porch paint or a special floor paint) some rollers, and some patience!

Okay, and maybe a drop cloth.

Painting your hardwood floors is a low-cost and great way to refresh your space, enhance the overall interior design and breath new life into your home.

Especially compared to the cost of putting in new floors or getting them professionally refinished.

wood floors with stained checkerboard patternCheckerboard pattern on wood floor in front foyer.

4. It’s easy to maintain.

High-traffic areas with a lot of foot traffic, like beach houses or hallways that see a lot of wear and tear can be tough to keep in good shape and looking nice.

However, a fresh coat of paint (along with a clear top coat of polyurethane to seal it in) is relatively easy and inexpensive to apply to keep your floors looking new.

Painting your floors is a great option if you find yourself hesitant to spend money on an area where you know the work won’t look nice long term.

5. It’s easier than you think!

A major paint job might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite a ​simple process​.
As long as you approach the project meticulously, you’ll get great results!
Make sure you have the tools for the job and the time to devote to the project, and you’ll get exactly the results you’re looking for.
Whether it’s new flooring, old floors, or different types of hardwood flooring, depending on the current floor finish and wood grain, each job is a bit different.
So, when it comes to water based or oil based enamel, check with your local paint store or hardware store first in order to get expert advice on how to get the best results.
mud room painted hardwood floor with compass
Compass rose painted on the floor of our former home’s mudroom floor.
Before you think about major renovations, consider painting your hardwood floors for a refresh!

It’s much faster, easier, and more affordable to try your hand at this DIY project before you completely re-do your floors, not to mention, it’s more customizable.

Enjoy your home’s new look without the major hassle of a full remodel.

I hope this round up of  painted wood floors was helpful!

Remember, if you love the look, don’t be afraid to paint your wood floors.
Good luck if you decide to try this – and please email a photo or two!
Please feel free to ask any related paint questions too!


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  1. Melissa wrote:

    Love this look- so charming! We recently stayed at a cabin with painted floors and it looked great. They were large creamy white and medium green checkerboard. Also, have you seen Mirth Studios patterned wood floors? Hope to use them one of these days.

    Published on 10.25.21 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I haven’t seen them, but I’ll check them out! Thanks!

      Published on 10.26.21 · Reply