Five Fresh Kitchen Trends That Will Stand The Test Of TIme

Five Fresh Kitchen Trends Stand Test TIme

image via Becki Owens


These Five Fresh Kitchen Trends Will All Stand The Test OF Time:


Today I’m excited to talk about fresh kitchen trends that I know will stand the test of time!

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now and I’ve finally narrowed it down to the top five trends I’m loving in kitchen design. I know you’re going to love these designs too!


Kitchen Trend Number 1. : Mixing Metal Finishes


Mixing metal finishes is something I’ve talked about before and a topic I still get questions about all the time!

In theory I guess it seems a little strange to mix finishes, but I promise you it will look great!

The example above from Becki Owens, (who always designs flawless kitchens) illustrates this idea perfectly.

The brass in the kitchen light fixtures  looks absolutely stunning in this kitchen of mostly stainless steel finishes. (I happen to be partial to these pretty lights having used them here!)

I listed this kitchen trend here first because I love it so much. I

t’s also something I have implemented in my own kitchen (shown here with sources).


image via

Kitchen Trend Number 2: Statement Ranges


Beautiful (and often colorful) European stoves like Aga and La Cornue are catching on more and more in the US.
This is an expensive choice, but, there’s no denying the aesthetic appeal.
High style cook tops, hoods, stoves and ovens in chic black, metallic or even bright colors are the hottest kitchen feature right now. (No pun intended!)

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Kitchen Trend Number 3: Fancy Pantries


Most people love a beautiful walk in pantry. I know I do!

Personally, I’ve been obsessed with getting ours beautifully organized for a few years now!

With the popularity of organizing companies all over Instagram, it’s no surprise to see fancy pantries on the rise in kitchen trends.

Beautifully styled and organized walk in kitchen pantries are becoming a “must have” for many new home buyers these days.


image via

Kitchen Trend Number 4: A Patterned Backsplash


Personally, I used to think less is more when it comes to a tile backsplash.

But, the more I see colorful, patterned backsplashes in kitchens, the more I find myself liking them!

There’s no denying the popularity of cement tiles and Moorish patterns in kitchen backsplashes these days.

This is also a great way to add a lot of interest or a pop of color to a neutral kitchen.


image via


Kitchen Trend Number 5: Colorful Cabinetry


Just like patterned backsplashes above, the more colorful cabinets I see, the more I seem to like them.

Although my preference is still very much for an all white kitchen, I happen to love a bold colored cabinet in a center island –  just like the one designed by Shea McGee above!

We chose to paint our butler’s pantry high gloss blue and while it’s not the kitchen, it is visible from our kitchen, which is great because we still get that big colorful pop!

Whether it’s blue or green, black or even pink, colorful kitchen cabinets are making a major design statement these days and don’t think this trend will be going away any time soon.

So there you have it.

Five kitchen trends that I’m sure will all stand the test of time.

Be sure to check out these fabulous Etsy finds for the kitchen. They’re all budget friendly pieces with a lot of great style.

Have you implemented any of these in your own kitchen and if so, which ones?


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