Warm Up An All White Kitchen: Five Easy Ways

Let’s get into a popular question – how do I warm up an all white kitchen?

How To Warm Up An All White Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous all-white kitchen?

It’s a classic look which has stood the test of time for good reason.

White cabinets, white walls, countertops, and open shelving looks so stylish, but if you’re not careful, sometimes it can come off as too sterile, and even boring.

The good news is I’ve got some quick and simple ways to add a bit of personality and warmth to your kitchen.

Whether you want to go big, or just add a few decorative touches, here are five easy ways to warm up an all-white kitchen:

flowers in jars
Our chunky round wood cutting board.

1. Use wood and warm wood tones with natural textures.

An easy way to incorporate some character into your all-white kitchen is to simply add some natural wood pieces.

Adding wooden touches, wicker texture, or anything with rich warm tones can offer some beautiful contrast in your kitchen design.

The neutral tones of natural wood helps to balance out crisp white modern surfaces and creates a cozy vibe.

The easiest way to do this is by adding some wicker baskets or trays.

I also love to see wooden counter stools or woven bar stools in a light wood color.

There’s also my favorite – a chunky wooden cutting board – like the one we have on our kitchen island.

It creates a great focal point and it’s fun to change up the vignette on top of it each season.

round kitchen table with cane kitchen dining chairs
Cane chairs and a wicker tray add warmth to our kitchen along with pops of color in the wall art and faux orchids.

2. Add a touch of nature to warm up your kitchen.

Plants and natural elements are a great way to make a space feel homier.

Green leaves and dramatic branches are a popular choice with top designers because they always look so chic.

Live plants do need attention, so if you have a busy schedule – bringing in a fresh bouquet of flowers can also liven up a kitchen.

You can always pick out different types and colors of flowers depending on the season, or whatever mood you’re in. 

Faux plants like the orchid on our kitchen table is also a great choice, especially if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

3. Bring some coziness to your seating areas.

If you have a seating area in your all-white kitchen, it’s a good idea to mix things up with a few throw pillows or seat covers.

This can be done with both breakfast nooks and or dining chairs. 

Textiles with pops of color add visual interest and make can make a space appear much more inviting.

Even a modern white kitchen can benefit from a bit of color.

4. Add a touch of brass or gold to an all white kitchen.

Some of the best white kitchen ideas I’ve seen through out the years all have a bit of brass or gold in them.

This can be an attractive decorative item and / or a cooking utensil.

But, my favorite way to do this is with brass hardware.

The warmer tone of brass looks so great against white cabinetry.

Another great opportunity to bring in gold and brass finishes is with your pendant lighting.

You can also go for something more subtle like a brass kitchen faucet

5. Add a pop of color.

Think about adding some beautiful fabrics to your kitchen.

Kitchen window treatments can be a great way to bring in some color and warmth.

Textiles and runners with a subtle color scheme are another fabulous way to soften hard surfaces in your kitchen as well.

Finally, don’t forget the art.

Kitchens with artwork on the walls always look so sophisticated and welcoming.


Hope you found some great ways to add a little warmth to your kitchen today.

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